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  1. Information on distillery design and how that will fit in with what we have on site now. We have a 40 yr old metal sided horse barn that is really nothing special, and our choices are either renovate or build new. I wouldn't want to remove it because down the road it could be used for barrel storage. (Renovation may cost as much as new construction in this case.) Thank you Colleen (and Thatch). I will give you a call. Didn't know you had done things in GA
  2. We are planning a farm agribusiness in Georgia which includes a distillery. We have the property and a previously used barn. There are several options available to us which only add to the many moving parts that go into designing a structure for small scale distilling as well as trying to plan for the future, i.e. expansion. (I know of no one who sets out with plans to shrink.) Does anyone have experience with an architect familiar to distilleries? Or perhaps a consultant in the Southeast? I would very much appreciate it. Thank you very much
  3. We are in the early stages of planning a distillery here in the Southeast. While we've scaled back a bit from our initial plans of brown spirits (still a long term goal), we do want to begin with a gin (with sourced NGS) we can market sooner than later. I had a couple of basic production questions to throw out. How much volume (as a % of the size of the charge) and % abv is leftover after a gin run? We will be located in a rural area and in our case, that means septic only. I certainly want to be mindful of whatever I put down the drain. (We have a well on the property now, but would have access to county water.)
  4. My wife and I have been knocking around the idea of starting a distillery for about a year, and now we have decided to "bite the bullet". I just wanted to get on board here (as good of a place as any to start) and make it official!
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