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  1. Thanks! I'll reach out to Mr. Sherman for some info.
  2. What was the approximate cost of the double setup pictured?
  3. Hello all, All things considered, I hope everyone is doing well. I am looking for suggestions on architects or consultant recommendations that specialize in distillery layouts. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Kindly, Bink
  4. Hi All, Looking for recommendations on Bev law attorneys in NYS. Specifically Western NY, Buffalo area. Any suggestions? Daniel
  5. I’ve noticed. I plan on coming down soon to check it out.
  6. SteelB, We are in the development stages but hope to land in the southtowns somewhere.
  7. Mike G, Thanx! I will keep you posted. As for Buffalo sports, I am always available to chat. I warn you though, you may get an earful. Lol. Daniel
  8. Hello all, Long time lurker and aspiring distiller. Love all the content and camaraderie throughout the site. Looking forward to picking brains while I start on my journey of contributing to the world of craft spirits. Cheers, Daniel
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