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  1. Being from the Refining industry where we have every weld xray'd, scanned and then reheatreat the metal. I'm always amazed at what I see others get away with. But being in industry for 38 years means I've seen it all. Stainless was never what was stated until the guns came out reading the metal. When we first got one we sent a lot of materials back that were finished product ready to be installed with the wrong metals used but still labeled as the right metals. And fitting were also always wrong. When a small producer that buys materials from someone else states what their product is
  2. You just saved me a whole lot of money. LOL I was considering trying this. As for Mash pots I have a 120 gallon Stainless steel commercial Hot water tanks that had be taken out of service. They're fully insulated already and were high Efficiency. The plan was to cut the top off to put grain in, and use a small torch head in the bottom port that used to house the HE burner to heat it up. To get a speed increase on heat up I got a Instant hot water heater to use to fill the pots. So that will put the water in around 185. It sounds like I won't need to mess with the burner in the bottom
  3. Is anyone running a continuous still? With the knowledge out there from the oil industry using them for a hundred years and the efficiency they have by reusing heat from exchangers and condensers I'm surprised more don't use them. I've run distillation units for years so maybe it just seems easier for me. And I wish there was a easy program for design out there then what we have.
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