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  1. This topic comes up quite a bit in my other distilling forums and groups and I put this in the whiskey forum as that's where i see it most often. It seems everyone says to let your ferment sit and "clear' before distilling to let the suspended particles settle before racking off to the boiler. I've visited many distilleries and have spoken to many distillers in my journey and cannot recall anyone that actually does this on a commercial basis. I assume primarily due to production restraints as it doesn't make much financial sense to leave completed ferments just sitting there, but I'm intereste
  2. I would also say it was DE. That stuff has a ton of uses and filtration is one. While there are different grades of DE, it is the stuff that used to be used in swimming pool filters, if it can clear up green algae, certainly it can clear up your tainted spirit.
  3. https://www.wvgbc.com/ https://speysidebci.com/ https://www.adirondackbarrelcooperage.com/ https://northeastbarrelcompany.com/ https://eastcoastbarrels.com/american
  4. why not buy a small functional still?
  5. @Southernhighlander Care to share your recommended setup for cooling without a chiller? I'm in Northern Pa, cold mountain spring water! I'm looking ahead and this post caught my interest.
  6. I was focused on Distilled Gin where a formula is not required but obviously the distillate would be clear. I do not believe you can add colorant or flavoring to Distilled Gin, correct me if I'm wrong. Totally forgot that Compound Gin can have colorant or flavors added post distillation, but as was mentioned butterfly Pea Flower is not yet GRAS so it's out for now. I wish they'd make a ruling on that as its been submitted since 2018.
  7. Stumbled on this old thread while tinkering with my gin. I'm playing with the butterfly pea flower as a concept to be used in a tasting room cocktail. I realize the cocktail doesn't have the same strict guidelines as the spirit production does, but how are you getting away with adding a colorant to gin as in producing and bottling a blue gin? I thought that was disallowed by TTB?
  8. i for one would not use that element. It looks used and abused. I strongly recommend using a stainless steel ULWD element such as this one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0183KIU1E
  9. Welcome back. I'll stop in one day on my travels through the area
  10. I would strongly recommend you have a look at https://whiskeysystems.com/
  11. Definitely speak with whomever your legal consultant is, but my input is that if you are starting a business with a friend, you would be a multiple member LLC. For ease of tax reporting etc, I'd ask your CPA if it makes sense to setup as an S Corp, which it likely does.
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