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  1. I believe he meant as far as identifying the contents of the shipping cartons, not what is needed on the shipping label.
  2. I typically ferment on the grain and rack off the top of the grain bed when its ready to run
  3. no problems reusing it as long as you keep it wet. Valves as mentioned arerecomended
  4. I use a 5500 watt ULWD heating element. I haven't tried distilling on the grain yet, but I don't usually let a ferment clear. I haven't had any issues with scorching. This is the element I have, been using the same one for several years now and it still looks brand new. https://www.amazon.com/Elemento-Calentador-inmersión-infusión-5500-00watts/dp/B0183KIU1E
  5. As EZ Drinking stated, you can certainly do that. You can blend to your hearts desire as long as what you are bottling is as approved via COLA
  6. I've been seeing Kveik mentioned allot lately all over the brewing scene. Guess I'll need to obtain some and give it a whirl
  7. Like seeing the progress and continued support for your products. I'm surprised though that you don't receive any criticism for shipping them out uncovered like that. If I was receiving one of these I surely would want it to be a showpiece as well and would be very disappointed in the case of any damages, even scratches. would expect at least a pallet cover stretch wrapped to the still, but that's just me.
  8. I say you pull one now, and let one rest for a good taste comparison
  9. your best bet is likely to meet some of your fellow local distillers and speak of their systems and reporting practices
  10. Those small barrels that are found online and geared towards the consumer are OK quality at best. I've used a few on occasion and have had no issues, but you'll find many of the reviews are due to the consumer not properly conditioning the barrel to store liquid. I do know that The barrel Mill has a few divisions, one of which makes barrels as small as 1 US gallon. https://www.creativebarrel.com/configure-your-barrel/. Maybe get in touch with them to discuss your wishes.
  11. I had no issues. Send an email to admin@distilling.com, they are very responsive
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