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  1. Taking orders for spring 2020 planting, as well as finishing out the supply currently in storage bins. Let me know what you would like to have grown. My offering includes below, but open to additional products if you are interested. wyattmuse@gmail.com - 217-619-3203 Red Corn Blue Corn White Corn Yellow Corn Sweet Corn Oats Wheat Other Grains as buyers demand Thanks!
  2. Hey! I grow corn in Central Illinois for food and distillers. Today, I have both White & Red Corn in storage that is ready to ship. Some is generic, NON-GMO and also have Certified Organic supplies if interested. Additionally, starting to make plans for 2020 crop - Let me know what you'd like to see grown! wyattmuse@gmail.com - 217-619-3203
  3. I can visit with you about corn nutritional data & suggest some labs that can perform testing. Also, I grow & supply corn to distilleries, ranging from generic corn to colored corn including Red & Blue. We have both certified Organic and NON-GMO if you prefer. Feel free to give me a call for intro if easier at 217-619-3203 Thanks!
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