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  1. Yes it is please write to info@cambli.com with your credentials will send you all info
  2. 30 Min north of highway 87 NY, in St-Jean, Quebec, we handle all customs paperwork at no charge to you and there is no duty to import to USA, we recently sent several piece of equipment we have for sale to USA, we can also get you a shipping quote. write to info@cambli.com for more details.
  3. 11-Mash tun 500gal-Model.pdf This is a slightly used 500 Gallons mash tun with explosion proof motor, pictures taken today, ready to ship. CIP installed Purchased in 2017, stored for over 1 year. 12000$ USD OBO, including crating and loading, Guaranteed in working condition you can write at info@cambli.com with questions and latest list of equipment for sale. This is the exact drawing of the equipment in the attachments
  4. Excellent tanks to mix hand sanitizer or anything else. In stock ready to go, purchased in 2017 slightly used. Motor tested and guaranteed in working condition. Price 2500.00$ USD each, OBO. for full equipment list email info@cambli.com 1-Mixing Proof Tank 200gal-Model.pdf
  5. Very clean almost like new 600 Gallons holding tank purchased in 2017, as per attached drawing and actual picture. Tank is ready to go crating included, This tank does NOT have a jacket. Lots of other equipment for sale inquire at info@cambli.com Price 3500$ USD OBO holding tank 600gal-Model.pdf
  6. Yes indeed, you can contact me via email at info@cambli.com Strapped and ready to go, it is stored inside,
  7. Complete distillery equipment and tanks for sale originally purchased in 2017. All in stock all ready to go, unhooked, prices are FOB. Utility Sink Hot Water Tank Mash Tun Fermenter Low Wine Collection Tank Low Wine Holding Tank Stripper Still & Condenser High Wine Collection Tank Feints Overage Holding Tank Foreshots Holding Tank Base Spirt Temporary Tank Whiskey Storage Tank Flavor Base ProcessTank Sim
  8. HURST Steam boiler 40 HP 1 338 000 BTU 27 PSI Max, natural gas, includes feedwater, chem injection, fan system, blowdown/aftercooler & condensate return 2017 purchased. used for 2 years asking 39,750$ Check this video Purchased in 2017, Stock and ready to ship Price 40 000$ USD FOB 4vt_cyclone_steam.pdf
  9. Brand new Kothe 2000 purchased April 2020. Beautiful piece of equipment everything on the list. In stock in Quebec, Canada, ready to ship. Still crated form Germany, brand new Current leadtime to obtain such a piece of equipment is over 12 months. Available to inspect Everything that came with the machine is included, please note list of options with machine Asking 190,000.00 $ USD FOB and crated without the mash tun Mashtun Was sold Serious inquiries only
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