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  1. Hey no worries glad to hear you made something cheers workpress
  2. I have this chiller that i picked up at a local winery it is a 4' tall tank with a 1/2" copper coil (about 30' of copper) if interested please let me know
  3. for sale is a used ZS-XG60 Semi-automatic Pilfer Proof Capping Machine I believe it is for a 28-32mm cap asking price is $450.00
  4. Have you heard of nitrogen dosing, for non-carbonated low-carb beverages, liquid nitrogen (LIN) dosing provides an effective way to pressurize beverage containers without adding an undesired “bubbly” quality to products like tea, juice, or water.
  5. We use a 50% abv to macerate the cucumbers that have been sliced with a mandolin into thin sections and leave them to soak for 24 hours, then mix this straight into our Cucumber lime seltzer, it is not shelf stable (5 days) then it starts to taste like pickles, and not in the yummy way... but we make it in 20 L kegs and they sell out fast. The trick is scaling up... would re distilling prevent that "pickle" taste over time I do not know. What would be interesting is to make a mash from cucumbers and add sugar and ferment, it may give something useful. Good luck, please keep us posted cheers Workpress
  6. What a delightful thread to immerse oneself in. I've savored the past hour, basking in relaxation while attending to my brewing rituals: watching the mash slowly meld, the ferment bubble with anticipation, and the still work its alchemical magic to craft the finest spirit within my capabilities. Additionally, there's the elegant anticipation of a brandy maturing gracefully in its barrel, patiently awaiting its time, about six more years to perfection—truly, no rush in the pursuit of excellence. As distillers, we embody patience amidst a world accustomed to haste. Let us relish this unhurried journey, savoring each step with reverence. So, raise a glass of your finest aqua vitae and toast to living the dream—the wait is part of the enchantment. Cheers to the artistry of time and the joy of creation! cheers Workpress
  7. Hi Guys There is a guy in our town who is a guru when it comes to pot, this is the link, Jack Kungel - Home Jack is very a great source of information. cheers Workpress
  8. Last weekend I did a 750L distillation run of an apple brandy and I wanted to see how the run would work out if I kept the head temperature at a constant 84*C running as a pot still. (on my still that number will start at 80*C and I can raise / lower it throughout the run up to 95*C to help control the abv of the spirit.) With this run I wanted to see what would happen, over the course of distilling the abv settled in at 60% for 12 hours it was a long slow run, there was not a huge change in the smell, taste, or feel of the distillate, it was rather bland in my opinion, that could have been due to the type of apples used as there were not a lot of tannins in them. Once the abv slowly started to drop in the last hour down into the 50*C range I decided to stop collecting as the familiar wet cardboard smell was present. I am looking for opinions on head temperature ,pros and cons of controlling it vs. just letting your mash seat and run at a constantly climbing temperature. Cheers Workpress
  9. Good day all, Has anyone heard of or tried to agitate a mash with air that is pumped into ports at the bottom of the still while it is being heated, then stopping when the mash reaches a set temp?
  10. I have tried a vodka made from a milk by-product called VodKow there is a weird mouth feel that coats your mouth in the same way too much propylene glycol would. I also find and the faint memory of milk (perhaps it is only in my mind, knowing it is made from a milk product) But it was not unpleasant and great in cream based mixers. I would not like to drink it straight, but that is my own preference. workpress
  11. This is a product that we make and sell in our tap room, in a white and barrel aged version, our mixologist pushes boilermakers and some other custom drinks that work with the weird botanical and hop notes. There are those who love it, like some old school Germans and others who don't. This spirit is hit and miss... cheers Workpress
  12. I lucked in finding this tank, it is National board certified with a plate and serial number... F.V. 45 psi 300*F it is a great tank. I will defiantly reach out to you Paul when I am there. as for the boiler, we have a 35HL brewhouse that it runs so I am confident that it can efficiently heat up the still in no time... I value the opinions that are given here and i do not have to re invent the wheel, however I have to make a lot of my equipment myself so I want to do it right the first time eh. as for the top end currently i have an 8" diameter column that is 6' tall filled with copper and a dephlag on top, it works well , however it is so tall and my other options are moving the column to the side of the boiler or I was thinking of a 12" 6 plate column... I am still researching what i want and what would work best for me.
  13. it is a modified stainless pressure vessel at 1300L the inner walls are a bit thinner than 3/8'' thick and the outer skin is a bit more than 1/16'' or so I believe it will hold the pressure on my low pressure steam boiler. I am also planning in making a 12" column to go on top with 6 plates.... workpress
  14. So I am at the stage where I need a new boiler I am going with steam... what is better a coil or a steam jacket (modified jacketed tank with a 3 3/8" hollow between the inner tank and the outer shell the shell is thick stainless and can take the pressure. what is better? what are your opinions? Workpress
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