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  1. Thank you AK2, that confirms my suspicions and gives me some links to provide customers who have further questions. thank you Workpress
  2. Does anyone out there know if someone with a gluten intolerance can drink wheat based vodka? The question is goes gluten make it through the distillation process and into the final spirit? We have had inquiries at our outdoor patio and I am looking for an informed answer. thank you
  3. what are the power requirements for the kettle? workpress
  4. Hey there, just an aside. Do you find off smells and flavor when you strip without any copper in your system? when I strip beer with no copper the resulting low wines are foul smelling and the same beer with copper in my column there is a sweet botanical smell. so I run with copper all the time. workpress
  5. Hi where are you located? As I would like to calculate shipping costs thank you Marshall
  6. Hey there is your mash tun still for sale? If so where are you located? marshall
  7. Hey there looking for 20 totes where are you located? Marshall
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