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  1. Hi there Premium bottles with free extras. Nothing wrong with this inventory- we just bought too much! BOTTLES 375ml Flint (Clear) Nordic Spirits Round Glass Bottles - 28-400 Neck Quantity: 15,800 EXTRAS 28-400 Smooth Aluminum Screw-on Caps in Brushed Nickel Quantity: 5,208 Plastic liquid pump dispensers in Brushed Nickel Quantity: 12,000 Shrink Bands - 135mm x 56mm Perforated Quantity: 14,000 Full lot: $1.85 per bottle for all 15,800 bottles (plus, we will throw in the extras listed- at no charge), if you pick up shipping costs. Can break up the lot to sell portions at a higher per bottle negotiated cost. Full lot is 9 pallets and 62 cartons. Located in Leeds, Alabama, 35094.
  2. We have 62 cases (12 per case) of New Yorker bottles with tan synthetic corks. These are beautiful bottles, we just went in a different direction. The bottles are palletized on 2 ballets, but we may be able to get them all on one. Buy all of them for $1.50 per bottle or smaller amounts for $2. BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING. Items are located in Leeds, Alabama. Please call me at 334-391-5404 for information or questions. ironcitydistillery@gmail.com
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