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  1. thank you for that. i was able to get more clarification from the fire Marshall. apparently the sprinklers are based on building size as well as previous occupancy.
  2. i recently found a location for my new distillery and was set to sign the lease. i spoke with the city planner and informed them that the place had no sprinkler system. they later got back to me and informed me that the building was out of california fire code and would need to be brought up to code in order for me to be there, or anyone for that matter. i just went through the same issue with another building..... has anyone else had this issue, ie finding buildings that are up to current codes? any advice in southern california would be a huge plus. thanks everyone.
  3. i'm looking for a bottle and barrel supplier. can anyone recommend a supplier(s). i'm located in southern california, not sure if that makes a difference. thanks
  4. i need some guidance. the water district is asking for my recipe and the amount of waste water i will be using. am i required to hand over my recipe? also i will be using a 200L still, does anyone have a reasonable estimate of the water that would be used to cool the distillate from a single run? anything would be helpful so i can answer the questions that they have asked me. thanks
  5. thank you everyone. i'm contacting the plumber today.
  6. i'm about to open a distillery in southern california and wanted to know about sinks. i will not be serving to the public. i have a production facility only and wanted to know if anyone has experience with the health department on this. do they even inspect distilleries? ive been in the restaurant business forever and am used to the HD but only in food service establishments. any advice would be great.
  7. ncataldo


    are mop sinks required? i will not be serving the public....
  8. what is everyone's experience with federal and state approval times? i'm trying to estimate how much rent i have to swallow before i'm allowed to be a functioning business. i'm opening in southern California but any idea from other areas would be helpful.
  9. thanks for the feed back. i'm also looking for labeling and packaging. i checked out ur site. very cool stuff. i'd like to start a conversation about my product with you.
  10. i'm attempting to open a distillery and was curious about what kind of insurance is need for this? any help would be great. thanks
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