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  1. Right now I’m on sour mash . I am pulling really high 93* since I was using one downer plate and some copper mesh in the two sections I didn’t think it would be too much of a reflux guess I was wrong . In anycase I’m not getting the flavor I’m looking for . And yeah rum is another one . All I really make is stuff a teenager would like for a spodie party . Wife used most of my old stock as hand sanitizer 😹
  2. Appreciate the replies guys . First time I had the thumper run dry and the main show didn’t do anything . The second try something similar happened . So I removed the thumper and just added two sections of my column set up one with a plate and one section stuffed with copper mesh . And ran a stripping run like that . “With a thumper you can still run down low for fantastic flavor down to the 1 to 2% ABV (left in boiler) where lots of flavor resides but most people stop far short of, thinking they are wasting energy (but missing out on fantastic flavor). you can go this low ? I have not had any luck so far with the thumper . My goal is flavor as ending up with neutral flavors is a waste of effort and ingredients.
  3. Using a 15 gallon milkcan set up attached to a narrow thumper from brewhause , the thumper is filled about half way with same mash in the main vessel. Right at start up as the heat starts to I guess create pressure most of the contents of the thumper are expelled leaving it about 1/4 full . ‘’question is , is that enough for the thumper to do its job ? First time I’ve used it as there was an issue with quality and took time going back and forth across the ocean wide .
  4. Place for introductions, Shayne , doing this as a hobby for three years have a 15 gallon milk can and four section column from Brewhaus and a thumper from same company . Mostly do corn and molasses rum not especially good at either . Oh and here’s the punchline . I don’t really drink .
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