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  1. I'm just looking to see what else others might have (we have our own recipes and process) as a point of reference. I developed FOH (tasting room & retail) processes and new employee info because I worked retail for years so I was very comfortable developing those. I'm looking at BOH (distillery) procedures and developing those out but seeing what else others might have in regards to procedures for BOH essentially which yes could include legal policies and info and also perhaps operations for BOH. We're really looking for a framework that can help point me in the right direction of how to d
  2. Hello, My name is Erika! I'm an MBA student at the University of New Hampshire (almost done after 3 years of hard work) working at a distillery (in NH) as an intern part-time this summer (I started in May)! I'm really excited to be a part of this community. I'm also looking for some SOPs as part of a project to help build ours out. If anyone is willing to reach out to me and share theirs I would be so grateful. I can share my school email with anyone willing to share with me. I've been helping produce moonshine here (American Whiskey) which will someday be bourbon and work on the online
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