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  1. My assumption of a No was more about code and local jurisdictions approval. Don’t know if picture you posted is of the actual building or one like it but fire rated partitions like walls and floors would be the factor I think in getting approved. More than likely the floors are wood and wouldn’t meet a one hour barrier at a minimum and and cost to do so would be way more than you will want to spend. Stairwell would need to be rated as well, unless there is one on the outside of the building for emergency use but but that’s just a guess. Is the building sprinkled? So many life safety issues to address that unless it a more modern building I just don’t see how it would be possible without spending a ton of money. Just some of my thoughts from a guy who builds hospitals for a living.
  2. I have a grounding bar in my distillery that I ground equipment to when needed. My still is grounded to it as well.
  3. How has your hammer mill been working for you? I’m looking at buying one from Pellet Masters.
  4. Whoever you’re buying your still from should be able to help you on that.
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