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  1. Definitely sounds like Refermentation. Common issue is beer canning if mistakes happen.
  2. Just thinking out loud here. Calcium Carbonate vs Calcium Sulfate... is one a better buffer? Better solubility? I'm a carbonate guy because of beer. Would sulfates impact things?
  3. Beerideas

    Hemp Vodka

    If I recall correctly Hemp is particularly oily, so it may effect the process. As well, it isn't exactly flavour neutral. But if you give it a go, send me a sample. For "Research" purposes. 🤪
  4. Seems that the PH drops like a stone as the fermentation is ongoing. With no buffering salts this is expected. Have you tried adding something to neutralize the Acid?
  5. We grabbed a small system from them for testing but are a ways from firing it up still. Seems they are chinese imported with NA electrics.
  6. PanamaDave, Theoretically you can harvest yeast and eventually have its characteristics change over time, but those changes are random and slow. Unless you are basically always pitching and harvesting there is likely to be lags in production that will stress the viability of the yeast. Of course if you are planning a huge distillery this could easily be overcome. As to harvesting/recovering yeast after fermentation this is common practice in the beer world, and could be done if you sanitation regime is solid. This would be easiest by far if your fermentation is done off the
  7. That sounds like stratification. Do you agitate after/during blending?
  8. For printing labels I'd have to suggest something local to you. Unless you are a big startup your minimums will be low and if you need more in a hurry you can always run to the shop. If you are on the bigger size, lots of places will gladly ship quick if you're willing to pay.
  9. I mean, if you are going to have a beer, maybe have a real one... 😀
  10. I just wanted to pop back into this thread and thank everyone that offered help. We are looking at locations and forging ahead.
  11. Beerideas


    My experience with cherry is that you need a significant portion (if not completely) of sour cherries, not sweet. Often the medicinal/cough syrup components are either artificial or a sweet variety of cherry. To maximize flavour and and aroma a blend of sour and sweet is often a safe bet.
  12. Beerideas


    Are you looking for real cherry or man made?
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