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  1. Hello to everyone! Moved to NZ in 2014 from Colorado. Been a brewer the past 20 years but been distilling the past year or so and starting to commercially distill. If in Nelson, NZ look us up and say hello! Cheers, Mic
  2. I'm evaluating the containers used for collecting when making cuts. I am thinking of various containers that I've used and don't like glass and thinking of getting 10L "growlers" from China. I like the 10L (2.5gallon) size as easy to move, small enough for multiple cuts for a 500L run, and stainless is a good storage container from a safety and convenience standpoint. Sorry if this has already been discussed but couldn't find it when searching. Here is a pic of what I'm thinking which I can get for $28 each; thoughts?:
  3. Hello, Originally from NM and CO where we opened Socorro Springs Brewing Co. and Eddyline Brewery. Came to NZ in 2014 to open Eddyline Brewery here in sunny Nelson, NZ. After good success here we are working at adding a distillery to our operations after a year of experimentation and pleasing results. NZ distilling scene is very much like the US in the early 2000s so a lot of potential. Really appreciate all the great information I've learned through the forum. Any other kiwis on here? Cheers, Mic
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