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  1. is it a good idea to recover yeast after fermentation? I was told we should develop a strain that works in the environment we will be - I will be in panama where the temperature never goes much below 80 degrees , I can cool the area in the afternoon with some fans and AC, but since I know very little about this subject, I though Id ask. Can you, over time develop a yeast that would get stronger with each generation or is that not the case?
  2. does stratification remin or happen after we bottle? In other words in 6 months of sitting on the shelf will ABV be different at different levels in the bottle? anyone know?
  3. Panama Dave here, retired from the states and I am starting a small micro distillery here in Panama! Govt permits are done, now awaiting this crazy COVID crap to be over- I figure its a great time to learn more and make some contacts ; Anyone looking to be part of a startup- no money required and right now E mail works please feel free to contact me- our cabins are close to Las Tablas and we rent them out cheap to friends free if you help! I am needing a good "corn /honey" whiskey recipe if anyone has one? cheers!
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