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  1. Thanks JailBreak, I do appreciate your very helpful response and guidance.
  2. G'day Folks, I'm currently undergoing recipe development/R&D at the moment and am playing with a recipe which has a three grain bill: maize, rye and barley. I've got access to a good malt house that can malt the rye and maize but is there any point if using malted barley to malt the other grains? Apologies if the answer to the question is obvious... are there any pros/cons to malting all of the grains? Should I just rely on the malted barley for the conversion? I'm going to be fermenting on the grain
  3. But would it not depend on what your sparge volume was? Is there an approximate mash to sparge water volume? I know it all depends on your SG target/grain bed depth but if you had a nice deep grain bed in, say, a 750L, or 1,000L, tun would it be impractical to mash/sparge 1500L through? I certainly wouldn't want to do multiple mashes to obtain the 1,500L wort to fill the fermenter
  4. G'day Folks, Greetings from the Land Downunder! I'm looking at setting up a commercial distillery at the moment and one of the products on the range is a whiskey... I'm working out equipment specifications and looking at a 1500L working volume fermenter... I'm wondering what the ideal volume would be for a mash/combi tun? I don't want to be doing multiple mashes to fill the fermenter and nor do I want to be producing too much wort and want to ensure I have enough volume to run a suitable sparge volume. Cheers LazyWombat
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