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  1. Do you have any pictures the types of vents you used? We are doing the same thing with the barrels we have and will get and was curious about whether you were concerned about negative air or did you just vent and let air do its thing.
  2. Virginia distillers...you are already very much aware of the obstacles we face operating with the Commonwealth. I’m in search of any information on existing organizations within the state that push agendas up to a lobbyist to enact changes to our backward liquor laws. And if one does not exist would distillers in this state be interested in forming a pac to solicit contributions to pay the lawyers or “lobbyist” to speak on our behalf. Curious anyone’s thoughts or suggestions.
  3. If we plan to store barrels off site, and have nothing on site except for the days run you’re saying we won’t have to sprinkle? Right now we’ve been quoted about $30k to sprinkle the DSP. Thanks for the reply and I’m going to research MAQ and AHJ.
  4. Because the tasting room in the DSP has a lot to do with sprinkled areas where there will be occupancy. We are probably shooting for an F1 but my question was about where we would put a tasting room and others chimes in regarding fire code restrictions. It is all good information so I’m thankful for the responses. Regarding the TTB, it is a requirement that your DSP and tasting room is separated by a floor to ceiling barrier preventing patrons from accessing the DSP. The reference was on the initial TTB application for operating a distillery.
  5. Okay so your DSP was sprinkled and not your tasting room. We think we are going to have to sprinkle the whole building if we have the tasting room under the same roof separated with a floor to ceiling wall IAW ttb guidelines.
  6. So you did sprinkle or did not. Just confused by what you said. We would have the tasting room under the same roof as the still.
  7. Nevrmind on the instagram link. I thought I was logged in but I was not.
  8. Could you try you rInstagram link again? It didn't work for me. So you were able to not sprinkle the tasting room in lieu of 2 hour fire glass? Our roof is wood beams and we were told 2 hour firewalls won't work because the fire would just burn the roof. I think we are stuck getting sprinklers no matter what but In my rendering above I guess it just makes sense to sprinkle the entire building. I think in the end doing an additional 15 feet of iron pipe might not be a huge cost factor.
  9. Hey all. We are in the final stages of deciding where we will be putting our tasting room. We are lucky enough to have two buildings adjacent to one another. One is the warehouse/distillery and the other is currently office space with lots of windows, 6" hardwood floors and exposed brick and ceiling. Not to mention a working hydraulic elevator. I am torn on where we should have the tasting room. I have attached a pic for you to consider. This is of the warehouse and distilling side. I built in a floor to ceiling wall separating the warehouse from the tasting room and glassed it up so you can visually see the hardware. On the other hand, we have a building that is elevated from the street (old truck dock facade) that will need to be converted for ADA as well as curb appeal renovations on the outside. Thinking white washed logo. Would you rather enjoy your tastings in the warehouse where you can see the still and operation or in a newly renovated building with no visibility of the still but have hardwood, exposed brick and floors. Second picture of test still just to show interior walls. Appreciate any discussion. Pictures of your tasting rooms would be awesome too!!!
  10. We are about to begin production in our distillery within the next 3-6 weeks and the only thing I have heard from the FDA about was my biannual renewal for the FDA license. We have been ABC cleared and look to be producing very soon. I suspect Calwaise above has hit the nail on the head with his acceptation of the government's motives. Emergency leniency to produce hand sanitizer only to come back after the fact and demand records and samples. Just like you said, when you're not needed anymore you become a liability that they need to inspect for "errors". I don't think we will immediately be producing sanitizer but who knows what 2021 will bring us. I agree we should band together and I'd be willing to create a database of documents for VA distilleries from inspections, phone calls, etc so help each other out. If there is any interested parties, let me know and I can get us some cloud space for sharing. Tim
  11. Curious what y’all came up with. VA laws are tricky so did you end up serving food to compliment the spirits?
  12. I’m interested. I can arrange to pick them up and I’m interested in all 13. Please let me know the best way to contact you. Thanks. Tim
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