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  1. Possibly interested.....I've seen the video of this in action. We have been considering adding one of these systems to our facility as it is the most affordable prebuilt continuous still around as best I can tell. Just curious why you are selling it and what you are upgrading to.
  2. To whom it may concern and to all the barrel brokers out there..... I am looking for 4-8 recently dumped Tawny Port or Madeira barrels. Possibly looking for more than just 8 dependent on the quality. Will need these asap. Let me know if you can help!
  3. Thank you for that, Erik.
  4. Call me crazy, and I may be, but I think I recall reading or hearing something a while back about ginskey becoming a classed spirit vs a speciality spirit or an barrel aged gin. What I recall seeing or hearing was that ginskey would have to be a gin aged two years in new oak. Does anyone else recall seeing or hearing this and if so, what is the lowdown? Lots of distilleries make some sort of barrel aged gin but only Boulder Spirits makes a Ginskey and they have trademarked the name successfully. My question is....What happens if the TTB does classify barrel aged gin as ginske
  5. I am looking for an established distillery in Kentucky/ Tennessee and/or possibly Texas or Colorado for a co-packing partnership for a new brand. On the smaller craft side. which distilleries are on a growth trajectory that would allow for a long term relationship? Any advice/ thoughts/ would be helpful as this will be our first rodeo in the co-packer-brand realm. Also, Please PM if you are a distillery interested in hearing more about us and our brand opportunities. We are all in this together! NS
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