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  1. When recycle our feints into the strips. At the end of a quarter or a production cycle we usually have 2 full totes of un-recycled low wines and feints. These we run again as Queens Share Barrels. It's true that we don't know how those barrels will turn out but if what went in is any indication of what comes out then it will certainly be something special.
  2. We use two 30 gallon capacity retorts on a 150 gallon kettle to make or Double Gold (SFWSC) Rum.
  3. My first distillery I built myself. Paperwork, state, legal, TTB, design, construction, local crap for a town unfamiliar with distilling, and on and on and on! I am gearing up to build another larger distillery now and (thanking my lucky stars), I won't have to bootstrap this one and destroy my body grinding through the process. So... -Who are the distillery consultant firms of choice? -Looking for experiences and testimonials on the available firms around the USA that offer the suite of services for distillery build out. Thank you in advance!
  4. Had a conversation with a friend which turned to the question of which is the best state for incorporating a distilling business? I asked what type of distilling business (brand or manufacturer)? He said, whichever, but which one has laws most consistent with a new venture being successful from a big picture distribution, local sales, and tasting room retail sales? Where is it easiest to set up? What states can you sell unlimited retail? self distribute? Ship over state lines without a distribution partner? etc. Go.....
  5. We need an additional free-standing product condenser and parrot set up. Condenser needs to be 6-8" diameter and 48" tall. Stand should have a parrot that comes out above a 55 gal drum height. Preferably located in the USA. Not interested in ordering from overseas!!! Ready to purchase now.
  6. I would be interested to hear the TTBs thoughts as well. I would guess that it's been taken with them in the past.
  7. We are interested in hearing the forum's thoughts on improving the quality of their proof down water. We have been using a slow proof down method which I believe has improved our spirits, but I want to go further. What can be done to improve local water if you don't happen to be lucky enough to be in a limestone heavy part of the country? I am currently experimenting with the following: 1. Switching to municipal H2O instead of RO water. 2. Adding a re-mineralizing filter to the RO set up. 3. Experimenting with adding various levels of salt/ minerals to the proof-down water to improve whiskey finish. Thoughts?
  8. After moving our tasting cocktail bar from a space that looked into the distillery through a big window up to a larger space on our town's main drag, we definitely lost something. Some people didn't even realize they had entered a distillery bar. Bottle sales went down and we knew we had to make an adjustment . Our solution was two-fold. 1. Training of the sales pitch to staff "Welcome to our distillery. We are the only one in town. We make all of the spirits and mixers for the bar right here in the building. Our business is founded on bottle sales. Please consider purchasing a bottle if you enjoy your experience here." 2. The reluctant installation of a TV which now broadcasts the goings on in the manufacture space, but no actual TV. People visit our bar because there in no TV. It's a place to relax and enjoy communal company. My two cents on your project would be to set up the tasting bar in the separate space and be sure to make a connection to the manufacturing nature of your business. People want to see the action and will buy more if they can get some of that experience. Leave you manufacturing space to manufacturing. If you get going you'll need every inch of that space for substrate, supplies, barrels, finished product, etc, etc, etc. Good luck!
  9. Possibly interested.....I've seen the video of this in action. We have been considering adding one of these systems to our facility as it is the most affordable prebuilt continuous still around as best I can tell. Just curious why you are selling it and what you are upgrading to.
  10. To whom it may concern and to all the barrel brokers out there..... I am looking for 4-8 recently dumped Tawny Port or Madeira barrels. Possibly looking for more than just 8 dependent on the quality. Will need these asap. Let me know if you can help!
  11. Thank you for that, Erik.
  12. Call me crazy, and I may be, but I think I recall reading or hearing something a while back about ginskey becoming a classed spirit vs a speciality spirit or an barrel aged gin. What I recall seeing or hearing was that ginskey would have to be a gin aged two years in new oak. Does anyone else recall seeing or hearing this and if so, what is the lowdown? Lots of distilleries make some sort of barrel aged gin but only Boulder Spirits makes a Ginskey and they have trademarked the name successfully. My question is....What happens if the TTB does classify barrel aged gin as ginskey if produced in a particular way? What will anyone else who makes ginskey be able to call theirs?
  13. I am looking for an established distillery in Kentucky/ Tennessee and/or possibly Texas or Colorado for a co-packing partnership for a new brand. On the smaller craft side. which distilleries are on a growth trajectory that would allow for a long term relationship? Any advice/ thoughts/ would be helpful as this will be our first rodeo in the co-packer-brand realm. Also, Please PM if you are a distillery interested in hearing more about us and our brand opportunities. We are all in this together! NS
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