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  1. Hello, we are opening a new nano distillery with a 150 G hybrid pot still , 150 G mash/tun and 3 x150 G Fermenters. Our village water averages 12C , has 490 hardness, with calcium carbonate, pho’s, 1 PPM chlorine almost 0 chloramine, some Fe, pH=7.4 my water plan so far was to soften and UV it then into condensers/deflags , then hit through IV and into black HDPE insulated (hot tank)then into mash/tun and clean up. If no water in hot tank then ,softened/UV into instant hot water boiler and out to mash. Also, softened/UV into RO for proofing/blending Any suggestions? Improvements? Thanks
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    Looking for recommendations for still manufacturers/dealers for a 200 gallon combo pot still/vodka column ? thanks Kelly
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