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  1. We will be and through our network of distilleries have the capacity to produce over 4,000 gallons a day bottled. We can surge much higher. In the consortium we have some 10 - 12 distilleries in multiple states. We woudl welcome the opportunity to work with this prohject. Our lead is a SDVOSM and already Federally SAM registered. Both of these woudl be very helpful to the Prime. Contact me any time.
  2. We are requesting support of an important Economic Impact Study covering the formulation of Hand Sanitizer by Distilleries, Breweries, Wineries and Cider makers in response to COVID-19. With the outbreak of Covid-19, the demand for hand sanitizers sky-rocketed globally. For the U.S. distillery industry, especially entrepreneurial firms in the small and medium scale sector, this presented a tremendous opportunity. According to anecdotal evidence, some entrepreneurs seized the opportunity, moving into the production of sanitizers, and thus helping the society at large. By su
  3. If you are a distillery and receive bulk ethanol for spirit production (or hand sanitizer) from any source you are required to comply with the HAZMAT regulations. OPPORTUNITY: Live HAZMAT Certification Training (or recorded webinar): $99.00 per seat The Virginia Hand Sanitizer Consortium, in coordination with a nationally recognized HAZMAT training and certification partner is sponsoring a USDOT and IATA required training and certification program for all HAZMAT employees. The normal cost for this course is $2,000. The consortium has arranged to train up to 250 students liv
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