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  1. Hi guys Anyone here have any experience running a small continuous column with packing underneath and plates on top?
  2. Hey Thanks for the welcome. There is only 3 sieve/distribution trays in the column, there is approximately 9500mm of structured packing (350y stainless steel mesh). My input will be 30% alcohol give or take a little bit, this will be grain free. The column input is rated in excess of 600 litres per hour. The column is 46ft in height and 323.9mm diameter with 500mm of insulation. Thanks
  3. Hey Pete You got any pictures of your columns? I plan to build a stripping column down the line be great to have some ideas.
  4. Hey guys New to the forum Recently purchased a fractionating column, i am hoping to make NGS but i may have to add another column that i will probably build myself. Have most of the equipment so far just waiting on my steam boiler and have to purchase a few condensers any tips for that? Out of curiosity how would you guys would run the column, always good to get other people's perspectives that have been doing it longer. B,M and K are all feed inlets. I will feed into K and B will be my reflux return. My take of point will probably be J. A is the reboiler retu
  5. I was planning to use a thin film evaporator to strip the grain out, im hoping that as this is a small distillation itself it will also up the alcohol content of the feed.
  6. To avoid the grain in issue you could use a small Evaporator? That what im planning.
  7. My steam input is L, rebouler return is A. Input feed is K, 2414mm of structured packing (350y). If i do not make a rectification column J will be my draw of point for ethanol from point K to J is 4717mm of packing im wondering if this is sufficient?
  8. Hey Alex So if a 200mm column produces 480 litres what will a 323.9mm column produce? Just curious as i recently purchased a 323.9mm column with the hope of making 96% ethanol, im think i may need to add another smaller column for further rectification. I was thinking some around 6500mm and 323.9mm in diameter structured packing, with approximately 4 draw of points.
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