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  1. BuffaloBink I spoke with Rob Sherman today, and he mentioned he thought he received a message from you, but for some reason he could not find it. He wants to chat with you and wanted me to tell you he is in the office all day today to talk. Vendome, 502-587-1930, ext 121 Let me know if you have any questions. Justin
  2. Base Price for Vendome to refurb each kettle was $56500. We added a few things, i.e. custom man way, swirled spirit safes, ect. Our bill from them for 2 x kettle refurb was around $150k. Again, feel free to call Rob Sherman at Vendome, he can quote you direct, he knows the kettles well. Depending on your techniques and needs, it could be lower. Out the door from Vendome should be substantially less expensive than new. Feel free to call me direct as well any time. Justin
  3. We agree! There were 12 total after the Oakdale factory was shut down. We felt lucky to get 7. It's a great addition to production because Vendome can refurb them quickly, so your increase in production is more vertical, and at a significantly lower price than a new pot.
  4. We have 2x400 gal Historic Arthur Harris & Co copper kettles for sale. We bought a few of them from the decommissioned Hershey's Chocolate factory in Oakdale CA. From our knowledge only 2 other distilleries in the world have these kettles. We contracted Vendome Copper and Brass to refurbish them for us which they were very excited to do. The attached pics are of the kettles that are not refurbished and pics of our refurbished kettles we are keeping, you can see how amazing they are after Vendome refurbed them. We are selling the NON REFURBISHED kettles. Here are some key facts.
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