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  1. Hello. In our brewery we use tri-clover fittings for almost everything. I see DIN connectors appear to be more common in the distilling industry (at least than the brewing industry). I'm more familiar with tri-clover and would be more comfortable using them for the distillery. Any opinions on how or why of tri-clamp vs. DIN connectors. Some of the quotes I've gotten for stills had DIN connectors, and I was going to have them swapped out for tri-clover. Any reason not to do this?
  2. Saponification is a recent topic of inquiry as I've been amassing a rather impressive set of bottles of whiskey for my "research". Several well-regarded bottles had a strong soap flavor to me and my investigation of that is how I arrived at the saponification topic recently. I understand the premise for and the purpose of slow proofing. It occurs to me that this same reaction would/could happen as spirits are proofed to the various targets for barreling -- when water is added to the spirit before going into the barrel. I've never heard of anyone slow proofing pre-barrel and wondering why not? Are the compounds that are water-reactive only those that are extracted from the barrel or a result of the oxidation and aging process within a barrel? It just occurs that slow (or slower) proofing prior to barreling may be a point worthy of exploration? Thoughts?
  3. Hello! New here. Brewery in planning. Doing some business planning. question re: getting a second use out of a 15-gallon barrel. Using the first for shorter-term (18-24 months) then re-using the same barrel for a longer-aging or for a more tightly cut whiskey also in the 24 month range. For first use, I'm planning on 120 proof. On second use, thinking of upping the proof. Curious your recommendations. I'd love to get at least 2 uses out of a barrel. If there is a thread already discussing this I couldn't find it.
  4. Curious your collective thoughts. Single malt spirit run. Collected 100% of low wines of a very clean fermentation to 12%. What percentage of the spirit run will be fores?
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