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  1. Thanks @Sudzie. This is all great info and makes perfect sense. I have always been of the mindset to pay your people before yourself but there are some things best not outsourced. Not too mention that building a sales organization from the ground up needs intimate knowledge and experience to create scalable processes and culture. I really appreciate your thoughts, feedback, and effort. If we ever get to meet in person, I look forward to it.
  2. @Sudzie We are currently focused on Utah. But would like to be able to create a commission structure with scalability potentially beyond our home state. Thanks.
  3. Hey All, Does anyone have experience, tips, or advice with hiring Sales Reps in control states? I envision this role would be focused primarily on bars and restaurants, with state owned liquor stores as a secondary target. But I am struggling to come up with a good way to compensate (salary + commission) these reps (we don't get good sell-through data from the state). Thanks for any help. -Tyler
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