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  1. Good afternoon everyone! My names Dave, I work for a family office of entrepreneurial minds who decided to take a sidestep from our traditional tech startup culture to pursue passions of a different nature. Over the last few months we have decided to work towards creating a Distillery Startup Operation from the ground up! Our knowledge of distilling varies across the board so hoping that joining a forum like this will give us some additional insights in this somewhat complicated and long process. Our vision at its core started with a distillery with an attached tasting room. Learning about the process and regulations of such a project we are now considering to push the idea into a type of Distillery Brew Pub/Restaurant location. We are thinking this could lend to the vision being a larger compliment to our community while also increasing sales the first few years. We have a location, and general floor plan laid out. I think one of the main ingredients we are looking for next is.... a Master Distiller or someone who has apprenticed for a while who is also looking to become an entrepreneur to hire. Which has led us to this forum... Looking to reaching into this forum over the next few weeks to gain any insights and of course any one offering a direction to look or just a friendly chat is always welcomed. Cheers, Dave
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