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  1. I guess the short answer is that I'm not trying to be trader joes or costco. I'm not trying to be the baron of [name your spirit]. Independent bottlers have been buying aged spirits from distilleries for years and making small batch releases that have pretty good margins. Also, my only capital outlay is spirits and logistics. I don't need a huge capital outlay for equipment, employees and rent and years of waiting before I can see an ROI. Don't get me wrong, if you can do the capital outlay and wait for years to get a return - then you get to have the control and reap the rewards for that
  2. Thank you very much for the answers and general advice. Working on the BP. How do I get in touch with you as a consultant?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm just getting started with this, so please bear with me. Any assistance you can give is greatly appreciated. My plan is to import contract distilled spirits from overseas into the US to an existing DSP who will allow me to blend the spirits on their premises. I would then contract with the existing DSP to bottle and label the spirits and assist with COLA submission 4 questions: 1) Do I need a DSP license to do that?; 2) If so, do I use the contract bottler's premises for the application and note that I am warehousing, blending and bottling?; 3) even if I a
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