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  1. Thank you @Dehner and @Sudzie for your suggestions! We are making moves to upgrade ourselves. Steve with Cru, the owner has set up some calls, and I will ask if he has considered your team yet. Otherwise, I will reach out to see if we can set something up.
  2. Anybody else?
  3. That's gotta suck. But I'm curious how your search went? We're entertaining the idea of getting an automatic filling system. I'm also playing around with packaging for 50mL bottles, and I know that bottling, labeling, packing is going to be a lot of work. If we got an automated system that can do 1.5, 750, 375, etc. down to 50mL, that'd be dope. Definitely going to look for used, so I can't get my heart set on something fancy.
  4. Hello, first post! These are Kelvin Cooperage #3 char. 25 gallon as mentioned in the title. Held 100% wheat whiskey for 2 years (some 2.5, some 1.92 yrs). There are 4 of these dumped 3/9/21 I also have 5 of these barrels that were used for ageing gin. Dumped 2/24/21. These held 100% wheat whiskey for over 1 year, and the gin for about 1.5 years (accidentally). Additionally there are still 4 barrels harvested 11/18/20 that are available, (and a baker's dozen more destined for furniture or firewood): Edit to include: $200/each for fresh dumped 3/9 $150/each for fresh gin barrels $100 for any and all else Located near the middle of the map, USA
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