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  1. Hi, Filling 50ml Gin bottles. I am looking for any info regarding people do large amounts of 50ml bottles. Regarding filling, capping and labeling. I am stuck between semi automated setup. 4 spout time based pump filler, manually capping with a “screw gun” or going for a completely automated setup. Obviously there fair difference in price setup. Love to hear anyone that is pushing out a few thousand bottles of day, and what they found works best. Thanks
  2. Wow, Thats for the great reply, I have done the calibration in water. Perhaps I need to dig a little deeper into the temperature coefficient. The unit has just come back from a service so i beleive that its working correct just needs some factor of correction. Thanks Dan
  3. Bit of a random question! I have just got a hold of a DMA35N as I was “playing” with a new piece of equipment, I was measuring the abv of a few large commercial brand gins and vodkas. I was surprised to see that most of the bottles tested were around 1%abv below the label. Is this a calibration issue of my DMA35 or is it normal for the abv to be slightly below the label over time?!
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