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  1. Hello ADI community, we are getting ready to package our bottles and can't get a good read on what distributors/retailers prefer. Do most of you do 6 x 750ml cases or 12? Any recommendations appreciated! Thank you, -Paul Chakalian (a new craft distillery owner).
  2. I hope I am asking this question in the right place, it has to do with class and type labeling requirements for brandy products. We are just starting to explore possibilities for brandy production using a local exotic fruit. I understand that this will need to be clearly labeled as "x fruit" brandy, and I understand the differentiation between mature/imature, standard/substandard, neutral, etc. brandy. My question is, if we blend our imature "x fruit" brandy with mature grape brandy from a contract distillery (e.g. https://www.ethimex.com/products/premium-spirits/), what could we call it? Does the ratio of our imature brandy to the mature brandy matter? Could we call this brandy at all? Would something like "A blend of imature and mature fruit and grape brandies" be ok? Thank you for any insight! -Paul
  3. We're are a new distillery in Joshua Tree, CA looking to sell up to 45% of our company to raise the capital we need to construct a permanent manufacturing facility with a full bar and restaurant. We are in the processes of a formal capital raise with a professional legal team and are looking for interested accredited investors. Joshua Tree, CA sees nearly 3 million visitors annually and faces a severe shortage of eating and drinking establishments, with fewer eating and drinking establishments per annual population than its surrounding county (San Bernardino, CA), state (California, USA), and the nation as a whole (USA). Plus, many times fewer eating and drinking establishments than similar outdoor recreation towns when considering seasonal visitors: three times (3x) fewer eating and drinking establishments than Mammoth Lakes, CA; eight times (8x) fewer than Sedona, AZ; sixty-eight times (68x) fewer than Bishop, CA; and over one hundred times (>100x) fewer eating and drinking establishments per seasonal population than Truckee, CA (i. e. Lake Tahoe) or Taos, NM based on data from the United States Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We believe strongly not only in the growth potential of our brand, but in the fundamentals of our commercial real estate project, which we believe will produce strong returns independent from the long-term performance of our distillery. You can see a pitch deck at this link: http://bit.ly/JTDC-Invest If you're interested in hearing more about our plans and how you can get involved please don't hesitate to get in touch. Best, Paul
  4. I'm Paul Chakalian, the owner/operator of Joshua Tree Distilling Company in sunny Joshua Tree, CA. I've been lurking as guest on this forum for a few years, and have found it to be a fantastic resource—thank you all for sharing your great insight! Now that we're officially in the biz, I thought it was time that I formally introduced myself. We received our TTB basic this last September, and are hoping to have our initial flagship products (our Black Hole Vodka & Dark Sky Gin) to market this spring. We are also working on some non-alcoholic beverages using distilled essential oil flavorings that I'm very excited about. You can see more about us and follow our social or email list at our website: https://www.joshuatreedistillingco.com. -Paul
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