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  1. @Foreshot it’s our understanding that formula approval isn’t required, though we are still researching that to be sure. We haven’t submitted our label for approval yet but do need to disclose it on the label. We’re still in early stages of confirming exact requirements.
  2. JustAndy do you know if the staves from wineries were heat treated on all sides? Would you recommend more charring or would that be char overkill?
  3. JustAndy I will be heat treating the used barrel staves before finishing. Was planning to quarter the staves, sand the 3 non-heat treated sides, toast (3 hours at 420 degrees) but not char.
  4. Hello, I am planning to finish bourbon barrels by daisy-chaining used barrel staves into the bunghole. Does anyone have recommendations for what type of material is safe to tie the staves together? We were considering using braided fishing line. Thanks so much.
  5. Man, you don’t know what you don’t know. Thank you SO much Silk City Distillers for this info. Calling all three.
  6. Hi, we are a small bourbon start-up distilling in North Carolina, seeking used Brandy barrels (just 1-2) or staves to introduce to our our barrels. Have struck out at most of the big Brandy distillers. Anyone have a lead or suggestion?
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