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    I am a former chemistry teacher, aspiring distiller and an avid forum reader I would make a great product from locally grown produce.
  1. Hi Sharon! I am so excited to hear from someone else in the area who is interested in distilling! Although I loved doing distillations as a student and a teacher, I never thought about doing as a business until about a year ago. I have wanted to start a woman owned business and was looking for a way to work with some of our local farmers. We also recently returned to live in Southside and I can't imagine why we ever left the area, so I really wanted to find a way to never need to move again. Anyway, that is my motivation for wading though all the details and paperwork that seems to be invo
  2. Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! I really appreciate all the direction you are giving me and will follow up with those contacts. Lynn
  3. Thanks Andrew, this is very helpful and I may be calling them soon. The experimental license is attractive for me because I think I need to work on my recipe before my financing! Lynn
  4. Has anyone started off with an experimental license from the TTB? I have not spoken with anyone who has actually done it this way, but several people in the industry (lawyers, new distillers) have recommended I take this path, including the TTB representative I spoke with last week. Is there any benefit, or am I just creating a headache for myself down the road? Lynn
  5. Thanks Dori, good to hear that this craft is not totally devoid of women. I noticed that I sort of stuck out at the workshops I have attended! However, everyone has been very supportive and helpful and this forum seems like a great place to learn more.
  6. Hi, this is Lynn from southside Virginia. I am former chemistry teacher who is trying to get a start in distilling. I am working on an application for an experimental license from the TTB while I work out the kinks. Have any of you gone this route? I too would like to purchase an experimental still and would love to hear any recommendations. Also, are there any other women distillers out there?
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