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  1. Which small jerky drying room is more practical? Beef jerky drying room is a commonly used drying equipment in the agricultural and sideline product industry, used to extract and remove the water contained in the materials. Beef jerky drying room is used in the drying and processing of meat products, seafood, Chinese medicinal materials, fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, wood and other industries, with high efficiency and environmental protection. For new users with limited funds, inspection before purchasing. If the test machine is suitable, you can firstly buy a small beef jerky dryer roo
  2. How to get better drying effect of multi-layers belt type yam dryer machine? It needs three steps before drying yam with multi-layer belt yam dryer. 1. Try to select yam that is straight, uniform in thickness, and without scars. 2. Clean the dirt on the surface of yam, and peel yam. 3. Since the surface of the yam is very sticky, it must be cleaned again after being peeled, and then be sliced manually or use our yam slicer to slice yam. The multi-layer belt yam dryer is an energy-saving dryer. The yam is evenly spread on the conveyor, and then the yam will be turned from to
  3. Use the fruit drying room skillfully, so you don't have to worry about fruit drying. The flowers are blooming, is it far from the fruit harvest season? It’s time to prepare fruit drying equipment! As an experienced drying equipment manufacturer, Mayboom Machinery has produced a fruit drying room based on many research and analysis on the needs of customers. The mango fruit dryer room is a prefab house constructed of polyurethane insulation panels. As we all know, polyurethane materials have particularly good effect on energy saving and thermal insulation. Another highlight of the fru
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