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  1. Thanks guys for your super contribution to my first naive question, that evolved in something really interesting. Variables I see are many type of yeast temperature pitch fermentation time mashbill (type of grains, malted/unmalted grains, roasted grains clear/cloudy worth cut points Any contributions on those variables are always so interesting.
  2. Thanks a lot Rob, very useful. I confirm on Signet the percentage of chocolate is high. I take advantage of your kind support while the next step would be testing some Rye mashbill. In Irish Pot still whisky the percentage of raw barley gives an important marker to spirit, did you try different percentage of raw/malted grain and get interesting results? Thanks!
  3. Hi all. I'm doing some experiments to produce malt whiskey (100% barley) keeping some fixed parameters and understanding differences changing mashbill. For instance, keeping the yeast and fermentation fixed, how the new make changes varying the percentage of cara malt? If I keep French Saison but I move from a 100% pils (fruity, floral, spicy markers) to 80% pils and 20% carapils or vienna, which are the main differences in the new make profile?
  4. I'm davide and I'm glad to join this community. I'm from Italy and I'm very interested in distillation and in particular about mashbills and receipts for all kind of whiskeys. So main interest is how the beer/wash receipt can influence the final new make.
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