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  1. We are deciding what rum profile we are looking for, but my question was more geared towards the available sugars in each rum base which should be fairly consistent regardless of the desired end product.
  2. We are getting ready to start making rum and are trying to decide what molasses we should use (looking between Blackstrap and Fancy Grade). My question is about the conversion of sugar bases in the production of rum. We are also investigating the differences between cane sugar, brown sugar, and others as well as the previously mentioned molasses. Does anyone have any research or observations they would be willing to share? Thank you!
  3. Hello all, I am a new distiller (Chemical Engineer straight out of college) and am looking to figure out some of the details in our process. A big question that has come up is the temperature of our cooling water. How cold is too cold? This is a utility question as well as the strain on stainless pipes. If alcohol vapor is hitting the condenser at ~170-200F, and cooling water is 50F will I risk cracking a tube? Thank you!
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