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  1. This will likely be my method too, I'm thinking of making a device that will receive forklift forks, that has upsidedown castors that the barrel will sit on so I can lift the barrel off the rack, it will rest on the rollers, I'll put the snorkel in, lift the barrel over our receiving tank then rotate the barrel to empty. That's the plan anyway.
  2. Finally got our snorkels from Mac manufacturing https://www.mac-mfg.com/ Now all I need is to find a trough/screen combo.
  3. No worries at all. All info welcome.
  4. Im not sure if that last comment was directed to me, since im not the OP that stumpy was replying to, but it does make some sense as sometimes i run well beyond tails if i just happen to be busy or have my head down in some paperwork at the end of my runs. At some point im just running steam/water for a few min at the very end. As for stumpy's advice, my still doesn't have a dephleg or "plates" in the traditional sense, but for my application, i believe SOP for shuttling down a run would get us to similar conditions.
  5. My best guess was that there was also some copper sulfate (if i recall correctly we were running some peach wine and the person we got it from didnt mention they'd added sulfur. mixed in with the waxyish little bits Of course we ran steam afterwards, naturally, but the easiest way to protect against them, at least on our alambic, is just not to distill lower than 130 when running anything fruit based. Its not anything I was concerned about, and hasn't happened since
  6. Gotcha.. .thanks much https://americancraftspirits.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Hand-Sanitizer-SDS_FORM-TO-COMPLETE.pdf
  7. Just putting this question out to the masses. Has anyone made an Safety Data Sheet for the WHO recipe sanitizer? We're delivering to our local fire/police/EMS.. and for the first shipment i just gave them our standard ethanol 50%-90% SDS, but technically this hand sanitizer is UN1987 Alcohol Not Otherwise Specified (NOS), and i dont have an SDS for that. I've got one from Pharmco for 200 proof IPA, for 200 proof SDA-3C and SDA-40B... which im sure i could use also as those are the most conservative instructions for HAZMAT.. but I was just curious.
  8. awesome. thanks.. helped me correct a few of my own mistakes on my OCR efforts. 1s and 7s and 6s and 8s look fairly similar in that font. Fun fact... when we started our distillery in 1998, we some how had the only copy of the gauging manual in print form, at least that was known to ATF (TTB didnt exist at the time to my knowledge, i was 15) I had to photo copy and then scan and OCR from the gauging manual
  9. I made my own from 61 to 193, but as im now dealing with higher than 190 proof stuff, id rather not have to enter it all by hand again thanks much
  10. Would not hand sanitizer be considering an external pharmaceutical? I got a line on some SDA-40B... which was i thought an approved formula for hand sanitizer (im wading through all of these threads to find the page that said which formula's we're allowed to use) Formula 40B is basically the Bitrex and the tert-butanol if i recall correctly EDIT per the FDA Download
  11. Im not sure PET makes a difference between HDPE, but we're using the latter currently in 8oz capacity and with 24-210 neck/fine most sprayer cap Thanks much for checking
  12. Anyone got a line on 8oz HDPE bottles and 24-210 fine spray tops? I got an order of about 1300 in house, but thats gonna go quick and the place i got mine from is out.
  13. Great work guys... keep at it, and thank you for keeping this thread going in a positive manner.
  14. Our idea is to offer 5 gallon closed head jugs with dispensing pumps... then maybe 10-20 8oz bottles that they can then refill.. cuts down on the bottle usage we have to deliver to each location. assuming we can find anymore of those things at all. sigh anyone had luck signing up on DISCUS's form to be linked with vendors?
  15. thanks once again for clear, concise and useful analysis.
  16. Were you able to find USP grade? This is what i've found so far.. pretty pricy.
  17. No kidding.. I've been reading things over 3 times, trying to make sure WHAT im reading is the most current.. .then asking questions here just to get 2nd eyes on it... I think as long as we're all respectful, and appreciative of the considerable time folks are donating to clarifying things... we'll get through this Thanks to all who have contributed guidance so far. Its helpful and maddening at the a same time haha. i guess this is the new normal
  18. We offered to give our first batch to our local city fire marshal for free, and they're insisting on paying fair market value for it... something about it needing to be like that for their books. *Shrugs*
  19. SIGHHHHHH. Thanks all for your inputs and efforts in wading through all this stuff
  20. I might have just answered my own question... footnote #9 on the most recent FDA guidance says WE have specifically been told that DSP's are free to use undenatured alcohol... which Im choosing to use to negate the part in that footnote that says "in an aqueous solution denatured according to TTB" Any thoughts?
  21. I know its been brought up here previously, but has anyone heard of any movement on the discrepancy between the commercially available sanitizer at 71% vs what we're being required to produce at 80%. Obviously stretching our scarce materials is of utmost importance.. but in addition to that... we've been in discussion with our EMS guys, Fire marshal, safety coordinator and various doctors, and all have been specifically requesting 70% vs 80%.. to save their hands the additional desiccation from higher proof product. Especially considering we cant ad anything but glycerin to our products as an emollient. I've read and understood that FET relief only comes from producing according to FDA/WHO recipe... but that doesnt seem to be what "the people" want
  22. Ok i did some due diligence on it and everything seems legit now... The guys from Gr Buffalo are just handling the bulk spirits side of things for Chrome, which purposefully decided not to include the ethanol side of their business on that website. I just spoke on the phone with the head guy. Sorry to cause any concern
  23. Has anyone tried purchasing from this guy? I reached out, and they only have 200 proof in stock. I've asked several times for their DSP number and company info so we could fill out a transfer in bond, and both times the request has been ignored. He did send a pro-forma invoice.. but the information on that invoice is for a company called Chrome Diagnostics... https://www.chromediagnostics.com/ which apparently does indoor LED lighting and doesnt appear to have anything to do with spirits production This is starting to raise some red flags for me. Just curious if anyone has had similar contact. Thanks
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