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  1. This is coming from the guy with a -17 community rating who thinks metric is unAmerican and covid is a hoax. you go girl. btw where were you on January 6? asking for a friend...
  2. Because your previous posts have revealed you as a certifiable idiot, your opinions on anything cannot be taken seriously. That's a shame because you probably know something about some things, but you cannot be trusted to provide reliable advice.
  3. Combining this permanent FET reduction with the pandemic related precipitous drop in sales, I owe practically no alcohol tax at all. WIN-WIN
  4. Just discovered the new covid relief and 2021 government funding bill contains a permanent FET reduction for distilled spirits.
  5. I'll have you know I am no gentleman, though I have seen one on TV.
  6. my consulting services are $99.98/hr. I cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to you.
  7. hmmm first I'm hearing of this. But it sounds like an absolute winner of an idea. Your only hope is that no one starts doing it before you.
  8. yeah sure, you provide all packaging, marketing, tax payment, and I'll produce whatever palapas you want for $60/case. minimum 1000 case production payable in advance. sunny & fun
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