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  1. I'll go halfsies on a bottle of Jim Beam with you. Then we can get the big 1.75 L size.
  2. Ask you bottle supplier if you haven't already.
  3. Not necessary, but certainly a good idea. I've never believed barrels to be the best way, just the easiest. I'm a lazy guy, but leaving liquor in a wooden barrel for 10, 20, 30+ years seems the ultimate in sloth.
  4. Alex you are wrong. Your assumptions are wrong. Your understanding of the process in the US is wrong. Sourcing whiskey in the US can be a very profitable business.
  5. distillx5 certainly sucked for me.
  6. This is coming from the guy with a -17 community rating who thinks metric is unAmerican and covid is a hoax. you go girl. btw where were you on January 6? asking for a friend...
  7. Because your previous posts have revealed you as a certifiable idiot, your opinions on anything cannot be taken seriously. That's a shame because you probably know something about some things, but you cannot be trusted to provide reliable advice.
  8. Combining this permanent FET reduction with the pandemic related precipitous drop in sales, I owe practically no alcohol tax at all. WIN-WIN
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