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  1. I use gorilla shippers. 2 bottle box, but obviously can leave one spot empty.
  2. That's why everyone needs to drink my vodka: certified Morgellons fiber free.
  3. Those are Morgellons fibers. They will eventually work their way out through your skin, so no worries.
  4. You buy barrels through Ultra Pure. Why are you contacting MGP? Ultra Pure took your money. You're barking up the wrong tree.
  5. I receive all discounts and premiums as an invoice.
  6. I'm thinking the OP is not meaning he is going to offer one dollar off, but asking for input on what dollar amount others have done. If I'm incorrect, then a one dollar premium is a good deal for the distillery. In the past I've done $25 payments for new account placement.
  7. I'm sure most American cities have a traditional Sloveniatown, which is where your major market will be. In Missouri I guess the biggest ones would be Chicago, Albuquerque, and Des Moines. Mark-up will depend upon how heavy the bottles are, but probably in the neighborhood of 12 to 19 cents per ounce.
  8. Don't know about the rest of the world, but the US has an economic embargo against Iran.
  9. Well you could sell all of them. Or you could sell none of them. This is a ridiculous unanswerable question.
  10. Anyone ever hear anything about arak? I want to start making it but can't find any info anywhere. I've searched the forum and can't find anything. Please, for the love of god, someone post something about arak.
  11. I'm talking about selling tax paid undenatured alcohol for the non beverage uses I mentioned. I know the end user can file for a tax rebate. But can we ignore any beverage related bottle size requirements?
  12. The videos of some of the odd shaped bottles it can label are quite something. Also the instructional videos with the owner/engineer/designer sporting his groovy threads.
  13. If this is already on here please direct me where. What's the rules/requirements for selling for non beverage purposes? Like selling to a bitters maker, or to a perfumer, or essential oil producer, whatever, etc.? I thought I used to know this, but I'm drawing a blank.
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