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  1. Should have also included the link to submit comments: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=USTR-2019-0003-0616
  2. Good Evening Everyone, I'm no longer in the business having sold out during the start-up phase, but I thought this might interest some members here. The US Trade Commission is considering a 100% ad valorem tariff on many copper, brass, cupro-nickel, and bronze products. Obviously, this will have a tremendous impact on many materials going into the manufacture of distillation equipment. If anyone is interested in submitting a letter, I have attached both a form letter to submit, and the letter from Olin Brass that started the issue. While I don't expect everyone to jump into action
  3. I would imagine steel bands deteriorate pretty quickly when exposed to the air just a few feet above an ocean of saltwater.
  4. I have used it buying commercial GNS from the liquor store (everclear) for a variety of exepriements. I also have a log of each experiment with what I was trying to study or create, and in case of creation, I have at least 50 mL saved just to prove I did it.
  5. I realize there are probably no fewer than 50 variables involved, but in the opinion of those who have gone through it, does the below pass a sniff test? A business in startup with $100k invested from the founders trying to raise an additional $700k by offering 40% of the equity. We would essentially be trying to fund 87.5% of the costs with 40% of the ownership being offered to a series of outside investors. I'm being told this is a "typical" range, but I'm wondering if anyone has any evidence to support or refute this. It seems a little optimistic to me.
  6. pressure9pa

    Spiced Rum

    For anyone that might be making the same mistake I was, consult Chapter 7 about additions rather than chapter 4 about class/type. Thanks Jedd & LT for putting me on the path.
  7. pressure9pa

    Spiced Rum

    Forgive my ignorance, but where are you seeing the 2.5% rule? I don't see it in the TTB's "Class & Type" designations.
  8. Welcome to the boards. I'm not a vodka man myself, but there are plenty here that make a high quality clear drink.
  9. Not to steer the topic of course, but were you able to sample with small qtys of HFCS? I haven't seen it in less than ~250 gallon totes.
  10. If you ever get accused of marketing to those underage, you will need to show that you follow all "generally accepted" practices to prevent the accusers from getting a point, even if it's public opinion. You can argue "generally accepted" forever, but if you fail to have an age-gate on your website, you're giving them ammunition. I'm not going to argue the idea that it's ineffective, but to me it's a no-brainer to follow.
  11. The bigger advancement might be in a few months, when they review the definition of "accredited investor". It may disappear, or be refined to include more of the population.
  12. It doesn't affect my plans, but I like the move as a matter of principle.
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