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  1. Im about a day away from pulling the trigger on some plastic bottles at this point. I have shaken every tree I know at this point, and there just are not any out there...
  2. You did not specify the condenser material used with each still... Does the copper still have a coper condenser and the stainless still have a stainless condenser? Are you doing any cleaning or flushing of the condenser between runs? The still I built originally had a copper condenser and changing this over to stainless is probably the best improvement I have made... Copper for the vapor column going up and stainless for the condenser for the vapor/distillate coming down..
  3. This basically has all the info one needs to get started: https://www.lcb.pa.gov/Wine-and-Spirits-Suppliers/Managing-Existing-Business/Documents/Policies_and_Procedures_for_Wine_and_Spirits_Vendors.pdf "The PLCB reviews listing proposals twice a year for regular stock items, which are products available for sale at all brick-and-mortar FWGS stores. Listing proposals are only accepted during the open listing periods. Listing periods are announced via email to all vendors on our distribution list. To request addition of an email address to the distribution list, please contact the Product Selection team. Each listing email announcement contains instructions, a New Item Submission Sheet and deadlines specific to each listing period."
  4. Anyone have any extra/excess Piramal 750ML Philly Flasks they want to unload? Probably a long-shot, but figured its worth asking.
  5. Any suggestions out there for suppliers on fairly generic 1 liter glass bottles? Ideally looking for ones with a 28-3500 top as that is what we are currently using, but having a hard time getting inventory from our current supplier. Thanks!
  6. http://www.kelleybarts.com/PhotoXfer/ReadMeFirst/UnderstandingPredictingPotstillRun.html The chart on this page is basically the same info as Meerkat's table but I think makes it easier to visualize. It also contains info on the alcohol concentration you get/produce at the various boiling points. If I was teaching a class on distillation it would probably start with this chart.
  7. Mostly for the sake of argument.... If like the original poster mentioned they are receiving requests, then there is no need for marketing. People call or email asking for alcohol for disinfecting; you reply that you have 140 proof beverage alcohol that you have an approved TTB beverage alcohol label and that you have paid the federal excise tax on. "Its 70% alcohol and 30% water; is that what you want to buy from me?" Its a product that we are legally allowed to sell (high strength beverage alcohol) that is materially the same as a product we are not allowed to sell (denatured disinfecting alcohol solution). So is it only illegal for someone selling 70% beverage alcohol to say it could be used as a surface disinfectant, or is it illegal for everyone to say that?
  8. Our protocol is actually similar to this. Malt goes in first, and we keep the temps low. (not having to heat to 180+ saves time and energy, not having to cool from 180+ saves time and energy.) Our efficiency is probably on the lower end, but we ferment out in three days and grain is not crazy expensive. Snagged us a best in category on our Bonded Rye this year
  9. Another option you might consider: Submit for a new TTB label with minimal info for 140 proof neutral spirits (labels are going very quick these days). Bottle the 140 proof and pay the excise tax (excise tax is cheap enough at the moment to be a minimal factor in pricing). Let people know its basically very strong, very bad vodka, but what they do with it is their decision. Point them to the following info from the CDC: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends daily disinfection for frequently touched surfaces such as tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks. The CDC also recommends the use of detergent or soap and water on dirty surfaces prior to disinfection. Solutions of 70% alcohol should ideally be left on surfaces for 30 seconds. Containers of 70% alcohol should be sealed to prevent evaporation. But unlike bleach solutions, they will remain potent as long as they are sealed between uses. A 70% alcohol solution with water will be very harsh on your hands and should not be used as a substitute for handwashing and/or hand sanitizer.
  10. Is that 6,000 gallon totes, or do you also have 270 gallon totes?
  11. 70% abv (give or take) is the ideal proof for alcohol used as a disinfectant spray. That’s a lower proof than 151. Just get a new label, bottle, pay the FET.. Other than the new COLA I can’t see why we would need additional approval?? If someone was doing a huge volume perhaps it would make sense to denature it to avoid the FET. At that point it’s not beverage alcohol and maybe then would need additional approval?
  12. yeah, why would anyone want to consider retail prices when making a wholesale purchase??. </snark> Sounds like you got left holding the bag on some sanitizer speculating..
  13. Get bent dude. I’ll just buy it on Amazon at half that price and save some money by dumping 55 of them into my own empty drum.. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B085CM79M7/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A2S5SG4CMI156J&psc=1 or get the same from the sellers own site for $30 a gallon.. https://www.bulkapothecary.com/product/raw-ingredients/unscented-bases/unscented-hand-sanitizer-gel-base/
  14. This website helps with layout of internal tunes: https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/smaller-circles-in-larger-circle-d_1849.html
  15. Yes, it is *possible* to get neutral spirit from repeated distillations on a pot still. It is not however practical or really safe to do so.. Some continuous stills are designed to get finished product on a single run, others are not and require further distillation.
  16. I have also though about hunting down an old steam radiator or two and plumbing it/them to our steam boiler.. I assume the low pressure boiler we have is basically the same unit one would use for a medium sizes building heated with steam radiators where they run the boiler 24/7 over the winter?
  17. Would it not be more accurate to say that taxes are typically due on all product that has been removed from bond at the end of the calendar quarter during which they where removed, from bond, not from your DSP. Presuming the tax cut is not extended you will want to remove from bond all product that you can prior to the end of the year. If your able to bottle 1,000 750ML bottles at 80 proof now (even if you wont need them till sometime in 2020) and remove those bottles from bond prior to the end of the year you will be saving about $1,711.83 in Federal Excise Tax on those bottles..
  18. Not sure why, but it seems its that way on other Mueller stills as well.
  19. I would give this helpful article a read before purchasing an already issued permit over just filing yourself. https://hopsandvine.net/types-amendments-to-a-ttb-federal-basic-permit-guidance/ You can also view current processing wait times for a new DSP here: (looks like about 90 days currently) https://www.ttb.gov/nrc/statistics-original-applications-to-operate From the linked article: Change in Premise Location The first type of amendment is a change in premise location with respect to the original permitted premise. The biggest limitation with this type of amendment is where the new premise will be located. Are you moving across state lines? If so, then this amendment is not an option and TTB will require you to submit a new application altogether. For example, if you distilled spirits plant is licensed in Alabama and your new premise is in Florida, you will not be able to file a change in premise location amendment; you will need to file an original application for a distilled spirits plant with TTB.
  20. 5 and .5 micron filters in series is what typically gets recommended..
  21. Sounds like there could potentially be multiple sales creating revenue at various times.. You are acting as both a producer and a retailer, who is selling to the state, buying from the state and selling to the end customer. Its probably revenue two separate times (or three), and an expense once. You did not mention payments to the state, but presumably you have to make those. Sale to State as wholesaler - Receive 50% wholesale payment - sales revenue Sale to end Customer as retailer - Receive 100% retail payment - sales revenue Bill from the state to retailer - Pay 100% distributor cost - sales expense Sale to State as wholesaler - Receive 50% wholesale payment - sales revenue What are the payment terms from them as a distributor, and to them as a retailer? Are they making you guys pay (as the retailer) for your own liquor in advance, and then not paying you (as the producer) for 60 days?
  22. Paul - Are you asking for your buyers to have any paperwork or other license when you sell them bulk (not in a retail container) tax-paid alcohol?
  23. What are the options available for bulk sales excluding sales to another DSP? For example if I want to provide bulk alcohol to a local vinegar manufacturer, who will never retail consumable alcohol, do they still need to register as a DSP or are there other options? Additionally would anything prevent a DSP from receiving a label approval for neutral spirits or alcohol bottled at 190 proof? Thanks!
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