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  1. Just out of curiosity, if you make, say, a flavored whiskey and log it into the monthly storage report, what column do you log it? I have been told a couple different things and wanted to see how much cleanup I might need to do to my records.😧 Thanks!
  2. We've been messing around with the trial version and getting really good results. Not specifically honey, but sugar and simple syrup.
  3. As we are preparing to enter the California market, I was hoping we could open up a discussion regarding Prop 65 and their exact requirements. https://www.beveragelaw.com/booze-rules/prop65-newregs If we are shipping an individual case, can we put a letter inside and ask the retailer to respond via email? If we ship a pallet, can we just include the same with the packing slip? I have to imagine if a retailer has 500 products, and all are required to send this to retailers, this is going to lead to waste, duplication, etc, etc. I'd just like to get others feedback on how they
  4. Just a quick re-visit of this topic, as we have a contract that was asking about it. I've seen folks post on here about adding sugar prior to proofing and after proofing. Correct me if I'm wrong (famous last words), but I believe the group suggesting adding sugar prior to proofing are talking about prior to bottling proof, not at 190 proof. Depending upon your volume, if you added 2g/L at 190 and then proofed to 80, you would possibly/probably go below the 400-600ml range. I just wanted to clear this up or get another's input.
  5. A bit late to the game here, so please pardon me if I didn't read the entire thread. Recap: So, you are using EC1118 on molasses/syrup wash (not crystallized sugar) Using nutrients Fermenting at 70degF My suggestions based on our experience: Background - we ferment blackstrap and use an EDV strain. We ferment 300 gallons at about 18 Brix. Due to the molasses, we generally ferment down to approx. 7 Brix in under 7 days 1. EC1118 is a pretty broad range yeast. "Killer" strain with a wide temp range and ferments to fairly high proof. 2. Temp is slight
  6. Is this shelf stable or does it require refrigeration? Also, how do different proofs affect the aforementioned question?
  7. We are looking to get an agreement in place with Mexico to import tequila for a client. Is there anyone on here that has undertaken this endeavor? Thanks, Todd
  8. What style bottle do you use, if they are still available?
  9. Slightly used Accutek ROPP capper for sale. Used for 2 small production runs for a discontinued product. We no longer have a need for this capper. It has been covered and well-kept. Description: Model 900-1001-085, Semiautomatic ROPP capper with 4 rollers, descending head. 208V 60Hz, O,37 KW three phase. Dimensions 450X450X1100mm, weight 55Kg. Production speed 600 bph and upward, depending on operator. Has been used twice since purchase July 2015. Customer we bought it for closed. $4000, with prepaid delivery within
  10. Side note: If you are making vodka out of 189 proof neutral, please ensure that it was distilled to 190. It's not vodka if it wasn't distilled to 190 proof.
  11. Your time is money! Let us do the tedious work, while you continue to make your award winning spirits. We have expanded our bottling capabilities, and now have extra capacity. We are available to co-pack and bottle bulk spirits to free up extra time for you. Right now, we have the abilitiy to do 1.75L, 1L and 750ml bottles. Our new line consists of a bottle rinser, filler, corker (with screw top capability), labeler and shrink tunnel. We also have ROPP capabilities if needed. Note: All components are not pictured here. Awesome artwork by Patch Whisky. For more in
  12. Harvey! Glad to hear things are rolling along and you're getting Le Clos. ? Can't wait to see what you come up with. Todd
  13. Does anyone have any experience with automated bottling lines? We are looking to expand our capacity and have ordered a bottling line. It requires an air compressor. I am actually looking for info on good, affordable, oil-less air compressors. I can provide more info on our needs, if you have knowledge of these. Thanks!
  14. Guys, thanks for your input. We have been speaking to Meerkat as he works to develop this software. I would hope and suggest that anyone with insight please contact him, as this project could benefit our entire community. Thanks, Todd
  15. I am looking for a better way to adjust proof in liqueurs. By better, I mean better than add water, re-distill sample for obscuration, repeat, etc. I'm not that smart, so an example would be great. We proof our basic spirits with hydrometers, by weight, Can someone walk me through the correct way to take a small sample and figure out how much water to add to bring it down to a specific proof? I understand that we would still need to re-distill the end product to ensure it is, indeed, the correct proof. Thanks, Todd
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