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  1. I would be very curious about your used bourbon barrels, When were they dumped? What was in them would be great to know? How are you facilitating shipping? (If not where are these barrels?) I'd like to talk shoot me an email or call 360-929-4441 jesse@belleWoodfarms.com Thank you, -Jesse
  2. Oh and the tank is a 350 gallon steam jacketed square tank from custom metal craft with an approximate 2 foot opening in the top. and a 2 inch drain on the bottom.
  3. Thanks guys for the valuable info, I just went this morning a checkout some local distilleries that produce bourbons or other corn based products and only one of them lautered (after fermentation) but the rest gave me the same answers as you all did. I truly am learning more everyday from my sometimes whacky questions. We are also looking into making a single malt while using a local brewery to do our mashing. any tips on this one? Best, -J Oh and thanks for the humor Ham Handed Philanderer!
  4. Hey everyone it's time to make a whiskey at the distillery and I have been searching for a Corn supplier in Washington state that I could buy my corn from, I'm looking for up to 12,000+ of the stuff in the next year any ideas? also any recommendations of mash tun screen hole sizes? we are converting a 350 gallon ss tank into a mash tun. ANy other recommendations of mashing for bourbons would be greatly appreciated! thanks everyone. -Best, J
  5. Glade to hear others are interested in this also! thanks, ryewater it's not that there has been any problem with using it, it all works great we are really curious to how others apply this piece of equipment.
  6. Alright Guys I'm looking for some answers and thought there's no better place than to post them on the ADI forum! -I have been distilling for awhile and have made some good apple brandy using our 4 plate vendome column. I typically utilize 1-2 plates since I like a richer flavor and four plates is way to much, it seems to strip much of the flavors out of the finished product but thats just my opinion. I started to pay more attention to our cooling head water outlet temperature and I noticed it tends to be anywhere between 140 degrees f to 160 degrees f and I get good runs out of those temperatures. Also this is for brandy runs not for vodka distillations so I want maximum flavor using the column. My questions are: -What temperature do others run the dephlegmator water at (the out water not the in water) -should I be paying this much attention to it at all and why or why not? -What is the purposes of the dephlegmator? (i.e. to fill the plates, to knock as much water/oils back) -what is the most important temperature reading when using a column (i.e. after the cooling head, the cooling head water temp, or anything else) I'm sure I will get some great answers so thank you very much for posting below! -J
  7. Much thanks Les Trois Clocher and others for you input! I just macerated some cacao in 30% vodka and redistilled in our test still and found that it was subpar but it had given me some idea or baseline to work from! the aroma of the alcohol seemed heavier but perhaps as mentioned from Les Trois the distillate may have been over saturated with cacao so the next run will be with much less to see how that changes the product!
  8. Alright I have a potentially odd question, what about infusing chocolate into vodka a then distilling it to extract the aroma and flavor of the chocolate and have a clear vodka? The reason I ask is because I was recently given some chocolate liqueur and it was clear, about 33-40% ABV with just a hint of sugar and delicious! I was thinking about throwing some chocolate in our test still with some vodka and seeing what would happen and going from there and then I thought I should make a post to the trusty ADI and see what people could throw at this subject! Here are some things to start off the conversation: -Is this nonsense? -how would we get a good aroma? -How about a good flavor? -What kind of chocolate to work with? All thoughts are appreciated thank you!
  9. Alright guys I have been exposed to some magical chocolate liqueur recently and I was curious if anyone has some insight on how to infuse vodka with chocolate and then distill it (I believe the distillery claimed that it was not from an essence or flavoring added into vodka but rather chocolate infused and then distilled). Here are some things to feed off what would give a get a nice aroma and flavor i.e. types of chocolate, % of cocoa, baking chocolate etc. So if anyone has some ideas or places to go with this please feel free to post them! Thanks everyone!
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