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  1. I'm glad you added to this. I was definitely lucky and it could have easily gone the other way. My experience has varied in different TTB regions and with different personnel at different times. One never knows until one knows and this can be very frustrating to new people; and us old ones too.
  2. I had a similar experience back in 2005/2006. Once I had a separate address for my outbuilding, poof the problem disappeared, no fence required. Of course nothing on the ground was actually different.
  3. I have a very similar label. We have been using Richmark Label in Seattle for a long time. They should be able to do this.
  4. Thanks for the thanks. We reached out many, many times to our reps. and senators. We also went to DC (two owners, three kids, and a son in law) and met with one of our senators in person to drive home the message. He actually listened for so long I ran out of points to make. It was a fascinating look into the sausage factory, plus a cool tour.
  5. One thing I section I came across recently seems contradictory on this point where "alcohol" is specifically mentioned. § 4.21 The standards of identity. ... (g) Class 7; aperitif wine. (1) Aperitif wine is wine having an alcoholic content of not less than 15 percent by volume, compounded from grape wine containing added brandy or alcohol, flavored with herbs and other natural aromatic flavoring materials, with or without the addition of caramel for coloring purposes, and possessing the taste, aroma, and characteristics generally attributed to aperitif wine and shall be so
  6. Nope. Most of it makes way more sense.
  7. Worked at a winery/distillery that used camlock; pain in the ass having sexed fittings.
  8. You have made some great suggestions. I would also add, can you tell what the product/distillery is from a distance, say across a bar or room? Simple design seems to stand out better.
  9. From some early video coverage of Tito's it seemed very clear that they used GNS. I have not been inside their facility to see for myself.
  10. In my state of Maine it is estimated that the hospitals and healthcare facilities need 400-500 gallons of sanitizer per day. They are expecting the local distillers to supply that amount for free; for how long who knows. Obviously not a sustainable model.
  11. I appreciate the response. I have had three visits from the ATF/TTB in 28 years at various wineries/distilleries. First visit was to show the new guys what a winery looks like just in case they ever got sent to one. Second visit was trying to iron out some licensing issues during the application process. Third was an inspection, and I was able to supply all of the backup records requested. I was kind of surprised about what was looked at and what was not, though it was only a 2-3 hour look In my opinion, the regulations and forms don't capture how a modern distillery (or winery) operates and
  12. I missed line 17 and may or may not be doing all of this on another form currently. Certainly no one from TTB has complained or maybe no one ever looks. On another note, it seems like having three forms is overkill. Wine production makes do with one just fine though it can get complicated too.
  13. So the re-distillation would be reported on the Processing report line 20, used for redistillation?
  14. In person yes, but only the huge ones at Jameson in Midleton Ireland. I'm intrigued by your current offerings and vacuum setups, impressive.
  15. Dude in the video is in Texas as far as I can tell, and they are actively using his videos for promotion. There are so many of us trying our best to follow all of the often bizarre layers of regulations, while there are plenty of others doing whatever they want. I get at least one admitted home distiller a week in my distillery tasting room. I'm actually somewhat neutral on home distilling and I'm plenty relaxed, thanks.
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