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  1. Thank you Ralph. Neato information for the newer start-ups.
  2. Bob, That's a good idea. I've been thinking about doing coasters for a while now, but I haven't broken into the bar/restaurant scene yet. Around here, there's not enough local support for the micro scene, especially for a Asian rice based product no one has ever heard about. Send me a few of your autographed coasters. Rinna
  3. Although I don't update it as much as some of you, here is ours. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Hawj-Brothers-Distillery/87001184978?ref=ts I added all of you. And yes, as Brad said, I'm quite jealous of the fan count. Rinna
  4. HBD

    Cooker Options

    I'm interested in that too. But I'm actually bringing it to a boil/cook and not mashing. Will it do that? Couldn't find the Dynamic Alambic site. Rinna
  5. I've been dumping the spent grains into 55 gal barrels. I leave it outside as I don't have to worry about freezing. If I don't already have someone picking it up, CRAIGSLIST is awesome. Post it up, you'll get about twenty hits for the grain every time.
  6. Bill told me about Mondo Liquor dot com once. I've seen logos here and there. I had trouble going to the actual site, I think it's 'This Next' now. Does anyone have the contact info for a Mondo Liquor rep? Hoping to get online as I've received a few requests. Rinna
  7. Really, who are you getting your bonds through. We are using Balcos, not paying that low a year, but they have gone above and beyond when we needed them.
  8. Every batch is done with a new batch of yeast. Started distilling the same tank after a full day of just doing water. The jalapeno went away yesterday. I'm thinking it was the blown heating elements but still not sure. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. Wish I would've known about this sooner. Can we add an upcoming events section to this forum specifically for stuff like this? Rinna
  10. No it doesn't, but I take off the condenser and flush it with Sterox, rinse then soak in citric acid and rinse again.
  11. We are distilling Baijiu and Asian spirit. Ingredients are sweet rice, our own yeast, amylase and water. I wouldn't think it would be the ingredients, because nothing in the process has changed since development through our third batch.
  12. I'm having a problem. I'm working on my fourth batch. Been doing everything from mashing, fermenting & distilling the same. Developmemt, first, second and the beginning of the third batch was all good. The tail end of my third batch tasted like putting ten jalapeno's in your mouth. I cleaned out the still prior to my fourth batch. When I did so, I found that four heating elements (electric still) had burst. I figured that must be the cause of the jalapeno spirits. I replaced all of the heating elements, cleaned the still out using Sterox, water rinse, soaked it in citric acid, water rinse. Ran the still with water. Started my fourth batch today and still have jalapeno liquor. This is horrible. Don't know what else to do but tear apart the still and scrub. Any advise and have any of you ran into this before?
  13. Any professional photographer worth their salt would probably do. You're a little far, but I used a guy from Marcomm Media (CA). Just pitch the idea of what you want to some local pro photographers.
  14. HBD

    Organic Labeling

    When I do organic labels, who do I send the label to to certify it? Who do you guys use? This is what I got from TTB: "As of 05/23/2005, this application must be accompanied by a USDA-accredited certifying agent’s (ACA) approval of the organic alcohol beverage labels prior to submission to TTB. The ACA Preview must show actual images of the labels along with a stamp or signature of the ACA. Documentation showing the certifying agent's review and approval must accompany EVERY request for label approval submitted to TTB. For Wine 27 CFR §4.101 applies. For D/S 27 CFR 5.71 applies"
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