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  1. Tom that's right. When I could only run on the weekends, I would do my mash on Sunday, let it ferment all week, run my stripping run saturday, then run a new mash and a finishing run on sunday.
  2. Hammer mill is sold and the hoga and scale are pending. I still have the mashtun/stripping still available. I'm willing to lower the price to $5000, please contact me if there is any interest.
  3. Hi Leon,

    Long time, no talk. Sorry to see you are selling your gear. I would like to talk to you about a different matter if you have a few minutes. Please give me a call when you have a moment.

    Best regards,

    Chris Beatty

    Spiritopia 541-990-0337

  4. Everything is still available. If you're interested in a piece you can make me an offer.
  5. $10,000 - Selling my 500L Hoga. I had a water bath built, with direct fire natural gas burners. Heat up time is about 2 hours and the run time can be as quick as 3 hours and as slow as 8 hours depending on how many of the plates you're using and how hard you're running the dephlegmator. It has a column with up to 10 removable plates, and then a dephlegmator above the condenser. I've been able to do stripping runs, finishing runs, whisky, rum, short runs of vodka and brandy on this unit, and its size pairs very well with my stripping still. The water bath helps keep the quality high on your final product. $6000 - 600 gallon custom stripping still. I purchased the 600 gallon double walled and jacketed tank, added a 2hp agitator with a bronze boat prop and a mechanical variable drive (wired for 110V right now but can be rewired for 220V), put a 3" column and built a copper coiled condenser out of a propane tank. I've used it with a direct fire burner that is included, it was designed to evenly apply heat over a large area across the bottom to reduce hot spots and burning. This still will need to get the column reattached after being moved into place. $3000 - 10hp meadow mills hammer mill model5 with fan discharge for flour. This unit is single phase 220V so it can work anywhere, you can even run it off of a generator easily! I have 1/16" screen and 1/4" screen. The hammer mill will need new cloth bags to catch the grain, while being stored I had some rats chew through them. $500 - 1,000# +/-0.2lbs NTEP pallet scale. I went for the lower weight to get higher accuracy. I would be willing to sell everything together with a bundle price or each piece separately. I used the large still as a mash tun, so all you would need potentially is a pump and some fermenters to get your distillery started. I could process 1500# of grain per mash/stripping run and 3000# of potatoes the one time I made a potato vodka.
  6. Glaser Estate

    Vanilla Bean

    I was trying a white rum, Oronoco, and it had amazing vanilla. So now I'm thinking about putting a couple pounds of vanilla beans into my next rum distillation. I checked my local molasses supplier in Eugene, OR and all they have is artificial vanilla and vanilla extracts, and Ebay has 1 pound of vanilla beans for about $40 shipped. Does anyone have any experience distilling with vanilla bean? Am I maybe better off just getting some extract and pouring it into the already distilled rum? I've been looking around for a rough yield of essential oils from vanilla bean and haven't had much luck with that either. Leon
  7. How do I track sales in Oregon? Unless I'm interacting with each bar directly, I'm only informed of case sales through OLCC from what I've seen so far. Thank you both for input! Leon
  8. Scott, What I have in mind is having an ambassador in Portland. Its a 3 hour drive from where I am located and Portland has a much bigger market. I was thinking of getting someone to start making relations and getting the name noticed. What I really want to know is how can I track their work. Would I pay for each different bar they went to or by the hour? And since I will only go up there every couple weeks is there any clever way to make sure they are actually doing what they say they are doing? For example I can have them fill out a form and maybe get the bartender or contact to sign it. Or is my best bet just finding the perfect someone who is 100% reliable and not interested in taking advantage of me? Leon
  9. I am looking for some information about hiring a product ambassador. How do you pay them and whats the best way to find them?
  10. I'm using a hoga 500L column pot still. I had to do quite a bit of modifications, the condensor needed a stand to be at the proper height to line up with the column, and I added a water bath for the pot. The communication was very slow and difficult and I had a delay because they had to order fittings from out of their country. Over all though for the price especially I'm very happy. I will definitely build my next still though!
  11. Thank you everybody for your feedback, it looks like I posted in haste though. As of yesterday my first product became available for sale through the OLCC. Time to start pounding some pavement!
  12. Nick and Scott, Thank you for feedback. I'm waiting for the OLCC to list the product and make it available, and then waiting for them to ship it back down to Roseburg. I'm waiting for the TTB to approve new formulas and labels, I'm waiting for the OLCC to give me more state codes so I can get stickers ordered. I'm waiting for everyone and just being frustrated. You're right I should just shadow other more local distilleries but the few times I made contact I got negative feedback on that idea. I'm also afraid people will be putoff when I go and talk it up, and then its not available for purchase for who knows how long? You're definitely right this is a little selfish, but you understand where I'm coming from? Leon
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