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  1. What about TTB Tamer? They have been around since 2013?
  2. We are looking to purchase another bottle filler. We currently use the Enolmatic volumetric filler. It works really good but the filters are pretty expensive. It's much faster and works better than the old gravity filler we use to have (which was slow and we could never get a good seal during filling). Asking for your experience/suggestions on a great bottle fillers to consider. Price, ease of use/maintenance, reasonably priced filters & parts. Also, any suggestions on complete filler lines (filling, corking, shrink, labling) you use or have used? Are they worth the cost? Are they accurate and reliable? Thanks!!!
  3. I agree there are probably a number of decent companies in this 3-tier system, unfortunately, we haven't seemed to find a good one yet. So we are actually, focusing much closer to home. We do however, get lots of requests for product in places we cannot ship to. There are lots of craft distilleries products I'd love to be able to get, over the rows and rows of mostly big name products available in the stores. Hoping for a continuous momentum forward. Right now, the next big item is the excise tax. With all of this hoopla in DC, the odds of them doing any real work, including making the excise tax reduction permanent, looks dim.
  4. We are all waiting to figure out the legal stance of the recent supreme court ruling in Tennessee started by Total Wine & Spirits. They won! Where does that leave us?! It should be opening new doors online and beyond! The dissolution of the pathetic money sucking 3-tier system should be next to go! Does anyone know where these things stand? And on another note, Will the excise tax reduction be made permanent before the end of the year?! If not, how many of us will still be around?!
  5. Thanks Blackheart! My problem has been finding a company with low cost replacements. Searching online, the range in prices for identical filters has been enormous. I found a highly suggested company to quote prices on filters, and while the ones that look like felt on the outside are much cheaper that the pleated ones, stills seems high for the number of times they can be reused before needing new ones. Still looking for a supplier
  6. Way back in 2013, we had received a letter stating there was going to be a reduction in the monthly reporting from the 3 forms, down to 1 simplified form. What ever happened to that?? With all of the governmental red tape reductions, this would be a great time for this to actually be able to happen!
  7. enolmatic filters are hard to find and way too expensive. Looking for an inline/canister type filter system to hook up to just take out any residuals. Preferably USA made with reasonable replacement filter costs...? Anyone happy with your current setup/manufacturer? Thanks!!
  8. Just curious, for those using these "reusable filters" how much use are you getting out of them before they need replaced?
  9. Finding Enolmatic filters for our bottling machine is difficult but even more difficult trying to reasonably priced filters! Can anyone suggest where to purchase? St Pats doesn't sell them anymore and it doesn't look like they even sell the off brand version anymore either.
  10. Actually, I did report this to the FBI, as should everyone else who was ripped off, so they take it seriously coming from multiple companies. From what I keep being told is that the chances of anyone getting their money back (even with a win in the court), is likely never going to happen. So the way I see it, if the FBI does their investigation and sees the total fraud that was purposely done, maybe at least these Corson brothers will pay a price in another way. They stole a lot of money from us, so I don't feel sad for them one bit.
  11. Has anyone reported CORSON DISTILLING SYSTEMS and their owners to the fraud division of the FBI? As a victim of theirs, out thousands of dollars we borrowed to buy equipment... I want to see them pay us all back. I have heard murmurings of them having foreign bank accounts where they have diverted all of our money so that it cannot be traced or collected for legal penalties, but the FBI should be able to do more than our flimsy legal system. I am ready to report to the FBI but, it really takes notice for them in numbers.....
  12. Thanks for this legislative excerpt! I guess We are paying the full amount for 2017. I am ok with that, as long as we have actually received the reduction for 2018. It's been a tough fight forward, but we made it! Looking forward, and not back! This is a great thing for the industry!
  13. yep thats how it goes... by the 15th of the following month unless you pay quarterly. I pay monthly.
  14. Are you certain?? I am working on December numbers and if we can use new excise tax numbers, I intend to. I am going to call TTB
  15. I have not read through this entire string of replies, so forgive me if it was already asked or stated... Since the tax reform was already signed in, and we don't file our excise taxes until January 15th, can we apply the new rates since we are actually paying in January?? Seems to me me, paying the bill after a new rate is set would be at the new rate. Any accountants or tax lawyers on here? Cheers!
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