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  1. Debating between enolmatic or gravity fed filler? Any thoughts? thanks
  2. So how long did it take you to make a nice bourbon in a 15 or 30 gal... just curious J
  3. Being in Canada, we have to age whisky for 3 years. I just wanted to make sure that 3 years would at least give enough time to even consider selling a palatable product. We all talk about small barrels in the craft world but not much about the 53..
  4. 20000 bottles would be nice, but it's all about cash flow in the first few years for us. The cost of warehousing 20000 bottles would eliminate all savings at this point as well. I wish we had more money and more sq/ft :-)
  5. I'm just wondering who has experience in aging whisky/bourbon in new 53 gal barrels? I'm interested in knowing if after 3 years, it is palatable or near ready? (Obviously longer can be better...). Looking for thoughts on how long a new 53g barrel will take compared to a 15g or 30g barrel... thanks J
  6. I'd be interested in this as well. Please send a pm.
  7. Both 230 and three phase are available in my space. I was thinking using 3 5500w elements on 230/3/60. Direct heat involves too much regulation (municipal) approval for me. I want to stay away for it. I must say that instant hot water heater is interesting. Water temp can get pretty low in the winter (Canada)...i'll measure the temp this am
  8. Ok I've had a major hiccup and had to find a new space and now I have a new puzzle to figure out. We are doing 100-125 gal mashes. Direct heating the water to bring it to mash temp isn't a real option right now so I was wondering what good options are out there? 100 gal hot water heater that is commercially made, convert a SS tank with 5500w elements, instant hot water heaters? I'm all ears. Thanks
  9. Is there a software where you can track your sales to customers that is commonly used in our industry?
  10. Hi, just wondering if anyone has ever shipped used barrels to Canada? Wondering if customs would see these as alcohol even though they r empty. Thanks
  11. MG, how far away from this being on the market? Any pics?
  12. Five elements were for heat up and then once to temp, I would be running two. I hear you about labor! But there is something g to be said about starting up without debt.
  13. @panoscape, interesting. I only have a filter housing like this one: http://www.gwkent.com/proline-filter-housing.html I have an option to purchase a 10x10 plate filter and debating if i need it or not. We take possession of our space september 1st and i'd like to make sure i have that portion figured out. 100gal with 5 5500w stripping still and a 50 gal spirit still with 3 5500w elements.
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