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  1. If you run with a complete open system (no isolation exchanger to separate indoor/outdoor flows, then the minimum PG is 30% or else bacteria will actually grow faster. Maximum % is either the ambient outdoor low temp or the operating low temp of the chiller minus 15 degrees to account for refrigerant passing through the chiller which has to be colder than the glycol operating temp in order for the chiller to do its job. In the South, I use 30-35% and up North 40-45%- mainly for cost reasons. If you have a question in particular, give me a call. Mike G 678-773-2794
  2. I can get you a quick ship on a chiller for your cooling needs as well. Either 230/3/60 or 460/3/60 new, some factory reconditioned with partial warranty. I have drycoolers and hybrid coolers if all you are looking for is crash cooling. these are built from scratch. Mike G 678-773-2794
  3. If it is an atmospheric tank, you need treatment unless you transfer it to another closed tank tor storage and reuse (here you make up with city water). Easiest way to cut down on amount of glycol is to install a plate exchanger (have photos of this example) to reduce amount of glycol. I run chiller at 45F to store water at 50F in the tank. You either add treatment (from the guy you are getting your DI water from) or I can hook you up with an ozone treatment where you inject ozone in the "dead space" in your tank- this treats the air which is adding bacteria to the water. Up to you h
  4. You have to aware that the pump motor is non-overloading throughout the "operational range" you intend on using it. Otherwise you could go off on motor overloads.
  5. i meant the photo on my ID. lol. Requests for literature can be emailed to me at mikegronski@gmail.com.
  6. Just how many degrees is the hot tank going to be cooled to overnite. With a 5 ton chiller, you'll be looking at a little imbalance there, especially if you are stripping with the 300 Gal tank.
  7. See the photo to the left, an example of a closed loop glycol hybrid cooler which needs city water in summer to augment cooling . This one is similar to a project just finished that I'll have photos from a 1,000 Gal setup of next week. If I have your zip code and how many hours to want it cooled by, I can get one on about 4 weeks for you that would pump right in through a heat exchanger and back until reaching the set point desired. Large reservoir not needed Add a water to glycol heat exchanger and you can make cold water during winter and off seasons for the still cooling.
  8. I have done small and large systems similar to this scenario. When you are crashing, you'll have a lot of hot water depending on the output water off the heat exchanger, cooling still not as warm but easier to figure. I am offering outdoor hybrid water/glycol coolers to crash which matches up really well to a reclaim clean water like you describe. I am getting reading to ship one of these to San Francisco for a smaller distillery and a large 60 ton unit for a distillery in Charleston who uses a separate chiller and stainless tank to chill city water for their still and saves all thei
  9. AZ getting to be a busy place for distilleries, you guys should be putting together you own group soon!
  10. Does this still have the Chiller ( I think I supplied it)? Is it for sale?
  11. I left a message on the other posting- did you see it? I just talked to the consultant who happened to call me- he lives close to you! His name is Colin Coan, phone 413-212-4022. He's a great guy and will help you out finish your set-up. I have supplied both distillery and brewery projects the cooling equipment to him in the past.
  12. I have a consultant who works up both breweries and distilleries that lives across the Hudson in downstate, NY. Let me know your phone # if interested, and I'll give you his. Good Luck! Mike (Ex-Corningite -Steuben Co.) 678-773-2794
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