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  1. I have supplied 5 HP chillers for 300 Gal pot stills, but more often than not, the customer is running a strip, so the load is much hotter an usually wind up supplying a 10 Ton instead, a couple fermenters are enough to make a 5 HP lacking. I really don't like chiller return water to get beyond 70F continuously, 75F continuously and you're asking for trouble on hot Summer days, overheating refrigerant compressors. I am supplying a chiller plus a hybrid air cooler on a large mash load (85 tons) down South right now and wound up selecting a 40 T hybrid cooler (runs like a cooling tower only dry circuited) on the first stage cooling and a 60 ton chiller on the 2nd stage rather than a 100 ton chiller. Much more KW friendly and will allow a second mash run in the future. I have two types of dry or hybrid coolers, one very simple and the other like the hybrid variety which uses a water spray in the summer. Paybacks about 2 years or less.
  2. You will need a very large reservoir to serve a 300 gal strip run with a 5 HP chiller. In addition, you will have a tough time keeping any fermenters and getting back to setpoint to chill mash. It is much better to go to an 10 ton chiller and 600 gal reservoir. Good luck and if you need a trouble free air glycol cooler to precool chilled return water, give me a shout. For the electric cost of a second pump and fan motor, it will save you kwh and have payback in less than a couple years, depending on your weather.
  3. Ben, I just finished up a cooling system for 28 Mile Vodka. Have you tried them? Mike
  4. Get well soon, man! Healin' thoughts to ya!
  5. Just shipped the chiller and heat exchanger/process pump package for Anthony's distillery to provide cooling for this bad boy!
  6. I do offer small chillers for the chilling, but if you have a chiller now and have it charged with a glycol mix, pick an off day, lower the chiller thermostat to 25F and chill the spirit in a jacketed vessel, pumping the glycol through the jacket to lower the spirit temp to near 32F. I have chillers that do this and even have a fancier one that does the switchover "push button" for a rum producer. I would touch base with your chiller provider for the OK. If you need any other info, give me a shout. Mike
  7. Chilling the product activates the "activated carbon". This is what absorbs the cloudiness.
  8. I may have a chiller going to one of these, I hope Just shipped out to Charleston, Long Island and pretty soon Salt Lake City for a couple jobs. Busy, Busy, but can always use more!
  9. Richard, It does go that way- I remember sweating bullets with a plant engineer when I sized up a chiller for chilling a huge jacketed tank filled with blood plasma! It had to chill over a substantial range over hours of operation. There is no way ro exactly figure it out, so we took the rough estimate and added out best extra S.F. and luckily we came out OK. Sure didn't want to get sued and the engineer sure didn't want to get fired!
  10. No matter what you do, there will always be the difference between theoretical and practical performance. Manufacturers include a "safety factor" in all designs, signifying the practical application performance differences. What I have seen, more often than not, is somewhat incorrect extrapolation of performances along with sizing without testing those extrapolation values. Of course this is for a manufacturer to decide and warranty. Of course salesman cannot see this or they will try to argue that engineers are oversizing equipment which is why there are warranties. As long as manufacturers live up to warranties and performances, that's the end of the conversation between supplier and user. Everyone else's opinion is a mute point.
  11. Oh, I haven't talked to Paul in quite a while. I know a guy in KY but he does mainly big jobs using Vendome equipment, other guy I know is near NYC so wouldn't be able to travel to help you, but knows a ton about breweries and distilleries who can help with individual problems. Sorry to lead you off track with Paul. Thanks, Thatch, saved him a phone call!
  12. Paul over MB Roland Distillery in Pembroke, KY runs an operation school every year. I don't know where you are in OH, but he may help you on that end. You can contact me if you need budgeting on the cooling system, if you intend on purchasing one. Mike G 678-773-2794
  13. Just finishing up a cooling system to satisfy the mash cooling requirement for 2000 Gal mash runs, which I hope to have photos soon. Even if your continuous still does not need cooling, your mash cooling does, in this case a 40 ton hybrid cooler first stage and 60 ton chiller second stage cooling feeding a large shell and tube mash cooler. If you would like information on this type system, please contact my company email. Mike G 678-773-2794
  14. It seems that 20-30 GPM on the mash recirculating works out well, on the glycol/water side, roughly the same.
  15. Mashing? Also, the cooling system- chiller, reservoir tank, water/glycol pumps pipe, valves, fittings etc.
  16. Single pass on the mash for city water cooling (low flow, high temp diff on water), multi-pass for chiller/reservoir cooling (higher flow, low Temp diff on water side).
  17. Be careful pumping ethanol/water solution through any kind of electrical powered unit such as a chiller- any leak forming an ethanol fume is both flammable and explosive. To add cooling you need a fan unit and another heat exchanger ( or coils submerged in your pond). I offer a glycol cooler with pump that works great- just ask Jesse at Trident Stills who bought one for the distillery he put up.
  18. Amount of mash /desired set point go into calculation. In your area (MN) I would look at an ambient glycol cooler that will do almost all of the cooling, or enough to finish it up with your chiller or city water. I am doing a 5000 Gal mash cooling now, using a 40 ton hybrid ambient and 60 ton chiller in two stages to get the job done. Using 5000 reservoir (2- 2500 gal with pumps and control center. The cooler is a two stage device, hybrid cooler lead circuit. Another month or so before shipment, Hope to have photos shortly after. For a chiller coupled to a reservoir, figure on doubling the volume of reservoir to mash. Other considerations make the reservoir larger.
  19. The heart of the mash cooling system besides the exchanger is the refrigeration chiller and reservoir tank. A chiller won't survive long without a reservoir unless so oversized it is an outrageous cost. Wide gap plates are used, but only in very large systems. Plates can be used for non-grain in wort. Shell/tube or Concentric Tube work best.
  20. I would check with the vendor- to activate the carbon for carbon absorbers for odor and cloudiness removal, I believe you need to go colder on you product, in the 30's F. Depends on your purpose for the GAC.
  21. Just curious, what temperature is your vodka before running it through the A.C.?
  22. You'll need a cold water storage for process water if you're using a recirculating water/glycol loop if you're crashing the mash. Locating the tank near the mash tun and fermenters is preferable.
  23. Around 50F supply. Control valves to set flow for each. Depending on the size of the condenser- smaller ones have a higher leaving- 120F or more. Larger sized for 95F leaving.
  24. Especially when you get down to cooling equipment and you've run out of cash. I've been using them for customers that want add-ons that are energy savers for paybacks that will pay for the add-on.
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