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  1. What a great thread to read. Sorry I was so late to the party. Definitely had an impact on the way I will look at these issues as I try to find a legitimate plan to open a craft distillery. In the end, all I want to do is make spirits for a living. I want to have the income to explore new methods, grains and recipes. I want to be truthful with people, but I want to make sure I get there.
  2. I like my Brandy a little less traditional. Less thick less syrupy. I made my cuts really stingy and a little heavier on the tails which retained a lingering peach flavor with the balls of a whiskey. I aged it 3 months with new medium char oak cubes for 3 months. it was smooth and tasty and kept a lot of the peach. If I were to do it again I would try aging it in a white wine barrel or very light or no char oak.
  3. Thanks for the interesting answer. Sorry, but my question must not have been clear. I am making a whiskey that will fit the classification of "Whiskey made from Rye Mash" I will not be adding any colors or flavors. I will be making this from more then 51% Rye and the remainder wheat. I will be aging it in used oak barrels. Will this need a formula? It appears that it will not because I am not adding color or flavor but the formula tool is a little confusing.
  4. I was using the tool and am a little confused. I am going to be making what would amount to a "Whiskey Distilled from Rye Mash" no colorings or flavorings of any sort. What is confusing is it seems to read that if there are harmless colorings or flavorings added that a formula is necessary, and then it says Formula required .... So from this I assume no formula approval required because I am not adding any colorings or flavorings, but I hate to assume anything with the TTB. If you put I "straight Rye Whiskey" the tool very clearly states NO FORMULA REQUIRED. Can anyone verify that I am in
  5. I would like to add to the praise for Aaron. I am new to this process as well. Aaron has been magnificent providing me all the forms, information and instructions. Aaron even went out of his way to point me in the direction of some folks who could help me with some other questions.
  6. Thanks lefturndistilling I was not getting any answers form TTB.
  7. Do you have to wait for formula approval to submit for label approval? Can these be done simultaneous?
  8. Sales force rocks and you can start cheap and grow with your needs
  9. I have been to your store and it is phenomenal! I love the selection of gift items etc. Very good job. I also had a thoroughly enjoyable tour of your DSP. I too wish you the best of luck and most importantly hope it was worth it. It is very discouraging to hear it was so challenging. I am in the midst of plans for a small DSP in Roanoke. By the way....your War Horn is excellent!
  10. Seventh son, I would like to see a diagram of how that is set up. a simple hand drawn thing would work. Where to put the elements and how you circulate the water? I like the idea to use this type of system to start small rather then make a fairly big investment only to later make a huge investment. With only so much money to go around these kinds of innovative solutions could get me step by step to each level.
  11. I would suggest talking to some of the Virginia distillers that had to start out unable to sell from their location because of state law. I know a few of them were able to find or lobby for exceptions to the rule after they had already been producing. They will have the experience of what it is like to start up without on-site sales as well as the impact on their business once they could sell.
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